Whatever Happened to Diana Pops?

Over a decade ago a shy, 16 year-old Diana Pops knocked on my manager’s door and handed him a CD with a song she hoped I would listen to…

On The Road Again – with Don Amero

Read: How I spent my summer / new album / new documentary / beautiful new version of Burning Ember by Don Amero…


I was pleased to learn that my ¬†most recent CD, Keening for the Dawn, has been awarded a 2013 Western Canadian Music Award for Spiritual Recording of the Year. Heartfelt thanks to my co-producers Dave Zeglinski and Murray Pulver, and the line-up of musicians who so lavishly invested their gifts on this project:¬†Gilles Fournier, Daniel […]

“Keening For the Dawn” Nominated for Western Canadian Music Award

“Keening For the Dawn” Nominated for Western Canadian Music Award

Elias, Schritt and Bell – briefly together again!

Elias, Schritt and Bell reunion! See for event details and to listen to previously unreleased ES&B song:

2009 Winnipeg Folk Festival

Rarely do I get to go out to see live music. I’m on the road so much that I miss most opportunities to catch the concerts that come through town. The one event I rarely miss, and one we plan for is the Winnipeg Folk Festival which occurs annually on the first full weekend of July.