Week 6 / Women and Hunger

“Invest in the women” he said without reservation, “it’s by far the best bang for your buck…”

Week 4 / Climate Change And Natural Disasters

I’m often astonished by the kinds of comments I read on blogs and news reports from those who insist that chronic poverty is most commonly the fault of the people who are suffering the most…


I’m approaching the second week of my coffee fast and the headaches are now less intense and usually go away with a bit of caffeinated tea. Egad! I didn’t think it’d take quite this long for my body to adjust…

Compassion Fatigue? Me too.

I don’t know how the recent disaster in Pakistan has hit you – but the first response I had on hearing about it was…well, weariness…

Debt, Dictatorship and Disaster – A brief history of Haiti

Haiti’s history has been birthed in debt, borne by dictatorship and bludgeoned by disasters – a legacy of suffering that perhaps now, might receive the attention it needs….

Fast For Change

This Friday, October16 is World Food Day and CFGB is encouraging folks to fast for the day and then gather in communities in the evening to talk about, and pray about the issues of food justice.