December 6: The Feast of St. Nicholas

“St. Nicholas clearly saw the link between chronic poverty and (sex)slavery, and acted selflessly to interrupt the devastating consequences of deprivation…”

The Feast of Saint Nicholas of Myra | Dec. 6

Poor ol’ Saint Nick (270-343 C.E.) has endured some serious revision over the centuries….

Open Letter to Faith-Day Attendees | Calgary Catholic Schools–Oct 31

Kin-dness is not a flat or sentimental niceness, but, rather, it flows from a deeply internalized sense of kinship…

Glory in the Skies! An Anishinaabeg Tale and a Hebrew Psalm

I’ve long been intrigued with how sacred stories function in Indigenous cultures….

A Sonnet And A Song For Easter Dawn

One doesn’t have to believe the Christian narrative to have experienced being blindsided by joy; sudden moments of grace pregnant with meaning. Life matters. Matter matters. Our stories matter….

Bruised Ego and Bad Manners

I don’t mind if I have to endure the occasional ego-spank. However…

Week 5 / The Human Right to Food

I don’t spend much time thinking about my own human rights. They’ve hardly ever, if ever, been seriously transgressed…

Gimme That Ol’ Time Religion

It is my opinion that Rev. Jones and those who have responded murderously to his burning of the Koran need not shed religion; rather, they need to get some…

Try A Little Kindness

For those of you wondering where you can get a copy of the new CD KINDNESS…


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