Highlights from the 2013 Winnipeg Symphony Gala / Golden Baton Awards

Nothing will ever beat the first few moments at the premiere symphony concert in Winnipeg when the violins began to shimmer the first notes of Burning Ember. “Blessing” descended on the room like a silvery dust as we were all bathed in beatitude. I’ll never forget that moment as long as I live…

Steve Bell with the Toronto Symphony at Massey Hall, Dec. 3/11

Excitement is beginning to build for this concert in more ways than one…

Steve Bell and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra! Tickets On Sale Now!

Steve Bell, in concert with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, December 3rd at Toronto’s Massey Hall…

“Whole be Thou!”

Pictures and memories from Symphony concerts in Kitchener and Saskatoon | Dec. 09

Saying Bye to Jess

It’s 5:42 am and I’ve already been awake for three hours trying to keep a lid on the welling sadness billowing about my heart and memories. In a couple of days Nance and I are drivingĀ our son Jesse to Victoria. Both he and his girlfriend, Lauren, are going to the U of VicĀ  this fall […]