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Winnipeg Symphony Sponsor Opportunities 2019

Dear Friends:

Let me tell you about a special event coming up this fall. On Fri. Oct. 25th I once again have the privilege of performing a concert with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. This is the first time in 10 years that I am able to bring a non-Christmas symphony event, giving us the opportunity to visit many of the original scores performed at the inaugural concert that many of us remember so fondly.

I’ll be bringing in the usual characters to join me on stage, Gilles Fournier (bass), Daniel Roy (drums) and we are celebrating the triumphant return of Mike Janzen, following a debilitating injury he’s suffered from over the last few years. It is going to be a wonderful and rich event with some new symphony scores arranged by Mike.

This is a unique opportunity for the faith community to bless the wider culture in a way the wider culture can receive. It is a unique opportunity to champion beauty and elegant excellence in a world that increasingly accepts crude proficiency as an efficient means to ends. It is a unique opportunity to celebrate, in melody and verse, that all of creation is ablaze with the glory of God.

Will you help us? See below for a listing that outlines the various levels of engagement. Please look it over and consider if this is an event that warrants your support.

Ultimately, if we can raise the basic cost of the concert, then proceeds can support the bricks and mortar aspect of my work—enabling me and my team to pursue our ministry in a financially healthy and responsible manner.

I am keenly aware that my work has been undergirded by the wider community all along. I am grateful, and I am blessed to be freed up to provide “Refreshing Christian Faith & Spiritual Tradition for the Weary and the Wary.

Thanks for your consideration. If you already know you’d like to participate, or would like clarification on anything, please call Faye or Amy (number below) at my office and they will be pleased to help in any way they can.

Peace, friends!

Steve Bell

Marquee Sponsorships

  • Symphony Sponsor – $10,000 (up to 25 tickets)
  • Steve Bell Band Sponsor – $7,500 (up to 20 tickets)
  • Mike Janzen Arrangements Sponsor – $5,000 (up to 20 tickets)

Event Presentation Sponsorships:

  • Platinum Partnership Sponsor – $4000 (up to 16 tickets)
  • Gold Partnership Sponsor – $3000 (up to 12 tickets)
  • Silver Partnership Sponsor – $1500 (up to 6 tickets)
  • Bronze Partnership Sponsor – $1000 (up to 4 tickets)
  • Sponsor – $500 (up to 2 complimentary tickets)

Tax Receiptable Sponsorship

If supporting partners wish to receive a tax receipt, their donations may be made through IncarNATION Ministries (the not-for-profit partner of Signpost Music). IncarNATION Ministries is a registered Canadian charity (No. 88728 3208 RR0001). Tax receipt values are mandated by the CRA to be commensurate with the advantage of the donation received over the ticket package provided. (Example – $5000 donation = ticket package valued at $1700 plus a $3300 tax receipt)

Business Expense Sponsorship

You can also sponsor through a business expense, and Signpost Music will provide an invoice for you.

DEADLINE: Donors confirmed before August 31st 2019 may choose to be represented in all Signpost generated advertising materials by having their logo appear on print and web materials promoting this concert event. Later sponsors may be acknowledged in the program only.

All donors will be gratefully acknowledged in the printed program unless we are directed otherwise.

QUESTIONS: Contact Faye Hall or Amy Knight at Signpost Music 1-800-854-3499 or