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Pilgrim Year Book Series Review Read the Review February 2019 Where the Good Way Lies Album Review Read the Review January 2017 Where the Good Way Lies Album Review Read the Review October 2016 Psalms Book Review Read the Review March 2016 Psalms Book Review Read the Review July/August 2016 25th Anniversary Interview Read the […]


Steve Bell is a songwriter, storyteller, and troubadour for our time. Over the course of a 25 year solo career, he has been sharing a message of love, hope and faith through songs, stories, and writings. He is a purveyor of truth and beauty and champion of kindness, on a focused mission for “refreshing Christian […]




Awards and Recognitions *Note that years indicated represent award ceremony dates, not the years in which qualifying albums were released. 2018 CMU Pax Award (see: article) created to acknowledge and honour people who lead exemplary lives of service, leadership, and reconciliation in church and society 2017 Crandall University Leadership Award 2013 Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra Golden Baton […]

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Charities of Choice Steve is committed to expressing his art in the wider context of bounty and need. As such,  Steve works with, or has worked with, many organizations to promote arts and education. Steve also uses his stage to attract attention, build awareness, and provide thoughtful helps to our world’s less fortunate and resourced –  […]