How Long

  How Long   – Music and Lyric by Steve Bell Adapted from Psalm 13 How long Have You forgotten me oh lord How long Hmmm…. Will you hide Your face from me How long Look on me Answer my call Oh Lord my God I need some light before I fall How long Will I […]

Even So Lord Jesus Come

    Even So Lord Jesus Come Music and Lyric by Steve Bell Even so, Lord Jesus come Oh divine and glorious son Though we live as Your body Here on earth Even so Lord Jesus come Gracious Father, Sovereign Lord Your creations one adored By Your hand we receive Your majesty Even so, Lord Jesus […]

Psalm 32

       Psalm 32   – Music and Lyric by Steve Bell adapted from Psalm 32 How blessed are those Whose sins are fully forgiven How blessed are those To whom Yahweh harbours no ill To whom His spirit is known I said not a word And my bones they wasted away From groaning each day and […]

Burning Ember

Burning Ember – Music and Lyric by Steve Bell From the albums Burning Ember, Solace for Seasons of Suffering, Symphony Sessions, Beyond a Shadow Judge for yourself how great is the one Who lives in God – whose God is love Like an iron when left in embers bright Everything if fire – everything is […]

I Will Not Be Shaken

I Will Not Be Shaken – Music and Lyric by Steve Bell adapted from Psalm 16 Keep me safe oh God You are my refuge I say to You Lord – You are my God Apart from You I have no good thing going As for the saints living in the land Those at peace […]

So Long

So Long – Music and Lyric by Steve Bell  I’ve been sitting here for hours Trying to think of things to say while I’m singing To find a different way to say I love you in a song Could take awhile And in my efforts to create the words My imagination leaves me only dreaming […]

Song for the Life

  Song for the Life – Music and Lyric by Rodney Crowell Tessa Publishing (SOCAN)    Well I don’t drink anymore like I used to Lately it just ain’t my style And the hard times don’t hurt like they ought to They pass quicker like when I was a child For somehow I learned how […]

House of Peace

  House of Peace  – Music and Lyric by Jim Croegaert 1974 Rough Stones Music / 827 Monroe St. / Evanston Il 60202  You have brought us so very far In so short a time In spite of our weaknesses In spite of all our crying You are worthy of everything Every word of praise […]

As Long As the Sun

As Long As the Sun Music by Steve Bell / Lyric by Steve Bell and Larry Campbell adapted from Psalm 131 / Psalm 72 From the album Burning Ember My heart is not proud And neither my eyes oh Lord I’ll not be concerned With mysteries of life that are yet untold But I am […]

Dakota Hymn

Dakota Hymn  – Native American Hymn Paraphrased by Philip Frazier From the Dakota Indian Hymnal (1916) Public Domain From the album Burning Ember Many and great oh God are Thy things Maker of earth and sky Thy hands have set the heavens with stars Thy fingers spread the mountains an plains Lo, at Thy word […]