A New Album for 2016

Where the Good Way Lies Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way lies, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls. —Jeremiah 6:16 My 20th career album is officially out on November 1st, and I am admittedly still astonished to be doing […]

The Singing Bowl by Malcolm Guite

Collected poems by Malcolm Guite – Paperback. Purchase $19.95 Buy Now

Sounding the Seasons by Malcolm Guite

Poetry for the Christian Year by Malcolm Guite – Paperback. Purchase $17.50 Buy Now

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Guiding Principles IncarNATION Ministries is committed to protecting the privacy of our donors. We value our donors’ trust and recognize that maintaining this trust requires that we be open and accountable in our treatment of the Personal Information that you choose to share with us. We do not trade, rent or sell the […]

The Wellspring – Holy Lord

  The Wellspring – Music and Lyric by Steve Bell Isaiah 6:1-8 The Father gives away His word and His breath And all things are called into being This mystery of love and of life is a gift And its glory beyond human reason And Holy, Holy, Holy is The God of power and might […]

I Feel the Winds of God Today

  I Feel the Winds of God Today (Kingsfold) Music: Traditional, Lyric by Jesse Adams – public domain I feel the winds of God today Today my sail I lift Though heavy oft with drenching spray And torn with many a rift If hope would light the water’s crest And Christ my bark will use […]

That’s Alright With Me

  That’s Alright With Me  – Music and Lyrics by Steve Bell   Can I tell you a story of an average boy A story we all know we well It’s not a tale of never ending joy Nor trials beyond what one can tell My childhood seemed like an eternity Each morning ruled by education […]

How Long

  How Long   – Music and Lyric by Steve Bell Adapted from Psalm 13 How long Have You forgotten me oh lord How long Hmmm…. Will you hide Your face from me How long Look on me Answer my call Oh Lord my God I need some light before I fall How long Will I […]


Benediction – Music and Lyric by Gord Johnson From the album Devotion Before the ending of the day Creator of the world we pray That you with steadfast love would keep Your watch around us while we sleep mmm… From evil dreams defend our sight From fears and terrors of the night Tread underfoot our […]

The Lorica

The Lorica – Music and Lyric by Gayle Salmond I bind unto myself today The gift to call on the Trinity The saving faith where I can say Come three in one, oh one in three   Be above me, as high as the noonday sun Be below me, the rock I set my feet upon Be […]