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That’s Alright With Me


That’s Alright With Me  – Music and Lyrics by Steve Bell  

Can I tell you a story of an average boy
A story we all know we well
It’s not a tale of never ending joy
Nor trials beyond what one can tell
My childhood seemed like an eternity
Each morning ruled by education bells
My youth was full of possibilities
But only few have had their fill 

My love she works the other side of town
Each day she leaves for work by nine
Her smile is sweeter than an April shower
Her wrath is hotter than July
They say a couple can together be
With age a cup of love refined
Although I love my darlin’ tenderly
This growing old may take some time 

My boy is just a babe of one year old
My girl is but a child of four
Both born with eyes of blue and hair of gold
‘spose maybe yet we’ll still have more
They say a father’s love is suffering
This day already I can tell
Although I love my children tenderly
Sometime you know raising kids is hell 

Now looking back on what we’ve come to be
With many years to look ahead
Ours has never been a winning lottery
Whoever promised that it would
We’ll cry each time a sorrow comes to mind
We’ll laugh each opportunity
We’ll learn to celebrate what comes to pass
You know that that’s alright with me


  1. E.m.Weiss-Baker

    Getting more (& positive) insight —
    re. the talented Steve Bell …
    as I read various “posts”.
    Feel blessed to have had the
    opportunity to meet, at
    Souris, Mb. -2012.

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