That’s Alright With Me

  That’s Alright With Me  – Music and Lyrics by Steve Bell   Can I tell you a story of an average boy A story we all know we well It’s not a tale of never ending joy Nor trials beyond what one can tell My childhood seemed like an eternity Each morning ruled by education […]

How Long

  How Long   – Music and Lyric by Steve Bell Adapted from Psalm 13 How long Have You forgotten me oh lord How long Hmmm…. Will you hide Your face from me How long Look on me Answer my call Oh Lord my God I need some light before I fall How long Will I […]


       Marie   – Music and Lyric by Steve Bell   Travelling over time Keeping the best in mind There’s a woman I’ve known And I’ve called her my own for the longest time  The way she could sing a song And bid me to sing along With the voice of an angel And a […]

Psalm 40

          Psalm 40 – Music and Lyric by Steve Bell adapted from Psalm 40 I patiently waited for You A desolate waiting for You And You heard my cry oh Lord You pulled me from miry bog And You set me upon a rock And made my steps secure oh Lord You put a new […]


    Lauds – Music by Steve Bell Lyrics adapted from Venite, A Book of Daily Prayer by Robert Benson  Drive far from us all wrong desires Incline our hearts to keep your ways Grant that having cheerfully done your will this day We may when night comes Rejoice and give you thanks Through the one […]