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Almighty God

Almighty God – Music and Lyric by Gord Johnson
From the album Devotion

Almighty God
To you all hearts are open
All desires known
No secrets are hidden
Cleanse the thoughts of our hearts
By the inspiration of your Holy Spirit
That we may perfectly love you
And worthily magnify your holy name
Through Christ our Lord

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  1. Francoise Niyibibona

    The first time i heard the song, i couldn’t get it out of my mind. Back then i didn’t know the lyrics, so i tries to reasch the on google to see if i could find the lyrics, so that i can sing along another time when i hear it again. Luckly, almost giiving up on it, i heard it again on the radio of my mp3, then i decided to download it. I kept listening to it, but everytime i searcched for it on internet, i couldn’t find it. Then one time it played again, and the announcer on the radio announced the artist and his website where we could view more…i went on it, and thatwas it! Steve Bell>>an amazing singer, and lovely voice.
    This Song it’s become one of my favorite worship and praise songes of my heart! Thanks again to people like you Mr.Bell, who spreads Gods words in poems and songs…Again, thnk you and may the Almighty Bless and be with you always.

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