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Dakota Hymn

Dakota Hymn  – Native American Hymn
Paraphrased by Philip Frazier From the Dakota Indian Hymnal (1916) Public Domain
From the album Burning Ember

Many and great oh God are Thy things
Maker of earth and sky
Thy hands have set the heavens with stars
Thy fingers spread the mountains an plains
Lo, at Thy word the waters were formed
Deep seas obey Thy voice

Grant unto us communion with Thee
Thou star, abiding One
Come unto us and dwell with us
With Thee are found the gifts of life
Bless us with life that has no end
Eternal life with Thee


  1. Rae B

    Hi Steve, I found “Dakota Hymn” with just 2 verses, in a wee song book for young people. I was so taken by the tune and words that I printed it for my choir. It fascinated me that it was a Dakota Indian Hymn. So, always curious, I checked it out on the Net. What I found drove me to tears. I had no idea 38 Dakota Indian prisoners of war sang this song as they went to their execution in 1862. The history surrounding that area should never be forgotten…

    Oh, I also, found 2 more verses to add to the 2 I already have.

    God Bless, Rae

  2. marilynn

    I would LOVE to have those 2 extra verses you found!!!


    REPLY: Hi Marilynn, we are contacting the last commenter to see if we can find those verses for you. Will email when we find out.
    Faye Hall

  3. Jim S Smith


    Took me a bit to find something like this on-line.

    I remember being in Band in Junior High when we played “Dakota Hymn” in preparation for one of our big school concerts. I absolutely LOVED it! I am still trying to find a similar rendition of this beautiful tune, played as a concert piece like we played it? It had a nice lead-in with flutes, and some clarinet (I played the Timpani, which was one of only a few percussion parts [sweating it!!! ;-)]).

    It would be so nice to hear it again!

    – Jim

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