Hello dear friends and supporters,

You’ll be happy to know this letter is not an appeal for funds beyond what has been committed. In truth, I’m a little astonished. I find it quite remarkable that between massive shifts in how people access and “consume” music, and the shut-down of concerts for two+ years, somehow, I and my team at Signpost Music are still here doing what we feel called to do.

We’ve not had to lay-off anyone, nor have I been overly distracted from my calling by grim financial concerns. In short… you’ve taken good care of us, or perhaps more accurately, God has taken care of us through you, and I mostly just want to take this opportunity to express my astonishment and gratitude.

Of course, things could be different in the fall. Government supports, which have been very helpful, have come to an end meaning that for the first time since the pandemic, less money is coming in than what it takes to pay our bills. But we can hang on until the fall when we’re hoping that getting back to live concerts will fill that gap. So much depends on whether or not people feel ready to go back into public spaces. I’ll let you know.



By way of report, I am as busy as ever. New songs are coming and I’m starting to consider that there may be a new album starting to percolate even though I’ve not yet been able to tour the last one.

My online work continues with mini-concerts (The Loft), the creation of music videos (most recently: my new song “The Divine Image”), my new reflection and song video-series called “For the Journey This Week”, and guest appearances as musician and presenter in various online conferences and private events.



In late May I will be teaching a course in Vancouver with Malcolm Guite at Regent College followed by a series of concert-lectures in Seattle. Then I’ll be travelling to England in July to sing at the C.S. Lewis Summer Institute. In August, I’m giving two retreats, one in Saskatoon based on my Pilgrim Year book-series on the spirituality of the liturgical calendar, and another in Whitehorse where I’ve been asked to come and reflect with a diminishing congregation on what it might mean to “die well.”



Later in September, I’m beginning to get back to regular concert touring which I’m very excited about because I miss performing (and you all) so very much.



Beside all of that, I’m currently beginning to film a series of guitar tutorials based on my various instrumental compositions. At the tender age of 61 I’m realizing that if I ever want to pass on what I’ve learned in guitar artistry, I should probably not assume time is on my side… so we’re carving out time this summer and fall to do just that.

I’ll write again in late fall, and at that time I’m sure I’ll be asking for year-end donations, but please know in the meantime that the gifts that are currently coming in are enough, our ministry is in good fiscal shape, we are debt-free, and we hope to continue with this work for some time yet.

Watch for news of concerts near you this fall!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Peace friends,


Steve Bell