Dear friends and supporters,

It’s that time, once again, to remind you that as the year winds down I’m hoping you’ll consider my work alongside other worthy causes as you discern what to do with your year-end donations for 2021.

Looking Back:

Had you told me a year and a half ago that I wouldn’t be able to generate income through concerts for this long I would have assumed I’d be soon closing the doors of Signpost Music. However, your generosity has kept our doors open and enabled us to learn new ways to “sing a new song” as well as create evergreen, on-line events to fulfill my mission statement which is to “encourage Christian faith and spiritual tradition for the weary and the wary.”

Since Covid hit, I’ve been able to record a new album, Wouldn’t You Love to Know?, which received nominations for both JUNO and Western Canadian Music Awards. We also converted a storage room into a video production studio and have since produced 18 “Loft Sessions” mini-concerts, several feature-length concerts, as well as various video podcasts and private concert events for a number of charities, colleges and conferences across North America.

Another recent event of note is that on October 29, I was vested, with the Order of Manitoba by our province’s Lieutenant Governor, the Honourable Janice Filmon. Membership to the Order of Manitoba is given to those who have “demonstrated excellence and achievement in any field of endeavour, benefiting in an outstanding manner the social, cultural or economic well being of Manitoba and its residents.” I only mention this to acknowledge that if I have done anything in an “outstanding manner” it is because others have resourced me to pursue my calling with an intention and focus I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.

Looking Forward:

I hope (and pray) to be back on the road with public concerts by this time next fall. In the meantime:

I’m getting ready to launch a weekly thought and song video series called “For the Journey This Week” which will loosely follow the Church lectionary readings and liturgical calendar. I hope it can provide a prayerful oasis for those who could use a weekly, guided meditation and song. Watch for notification of the launch in the early new year.

Also, I’m well into plans to develop a series of on-line guitar tutorials around the various finger-style acoustic guitar instrumentals I’ve written and recorded over the years. This current moment allows me a rare window of opportunity to document my guitar work in a way that will hopefully contribute to guitar artistry (pass the baton, so-to-speak) for the next generation. If all goes well the series will be launched next fall along with a CD of my collected instrumentals tentatively called, “No Words”.

Of course, opportunities will arise that we can’t foresee, and we hope to respond, as best we can, with your prayers and the wise counsel of my board of advisors who are ever watching over this work.

I do need your continued support:

Please consider a special year-end donation. One-time donations are always welcome. Monthly commitments enable us to plan responsibly and with a healthy measure of confidence.

Donations are 100% tax deductible in both Canada and the US.

God bless you and yours as you reflect back on 2021 and look ahead to the new year. May the Spirit of Christ guide you as you discern what it means to be a follower of The Way in these unique and somewhat troubling times.


Steve Bell