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Fresh and Green

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Fresh and Green – Music and Lyric by Steve Bell
adapted from Psalm 92

Fresh and green we will remain
Bearing fruit to a ripe old age
Happy to tell about Your name
A blessed endeavour
The righteous flourish like the palm
And grow like the cedars of Lebanon
Planted in the courts of God
Forever and ever

The senseless person doesn’t know
The wonders of Your glory
And yet their hoppers overflow
But they don’t understand
That folly springs up like the grass
And spreads throughout these vast lands
But harvesting will come to pass
When everything is shown
Everything will be exposed

It is so good to sing of You
At the first sight of the morning
And at night Your faithfulness review
Before I close my eyes
And sometimes in the dimming light
I stumble on Your glory
That overwhelming sudden fright
But not the daunting kind
It’s so hard to describe