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Hosea (Come Back to Me)


Hosea (Come Back to Me) – Gregory Norbet OSB

Come back to me with all your heart
Don’t let fear keep us apart
Trees do bend though straight and tall
So must we to others call

Long have I waited for
Your coming home to me
And living deeply our new life
The wilderness will lead you
To the place where I will speak
Integrity and justice
With tenderness
You shall know

You shall sleep secure with peace
Faithfulness will be your joy


  1. laoise

    can u post the chords or piano notes for this ?

    Reply from Faye: Sorry! We don’t have any written music for this one.

  2. Theresa Martinez

    I would like to quote, “Long have I waited for your coming Home to Me and living deeply our new life”, on my mother’s headstone. What book and verse(s) of the bible is this from?

  3. Beulah

    I have an ongoing problem with distractions and resistance in my prayer life. I hear the words of this beautiful song being sung in my spirit, my God reminding me that He is anxiously awaiting my coming back to Him with all my heart. Whoever put these lyrics together understood this little fox that is constantly wanting to divide and conquer and having much success in the hunt and chase. I hear “Hosea” and my heart responds to the Father’s call in my life…that He is lovingly calling me back and how to get there. And the melody just melts my stony heart. Thank you for sharing.

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