I Will Not Be Shaken – Music and Lyric by Steve Bell
adapted from Psalm 16

Keep me safe oh God You are my refuge
I say to You Lord – You are my God
Apart from You I have no good thing going
As for the saints living in the land
Those at peace at the Lord’s right hand
I delight in those who are your own

Lord You’ve given me my cup and portion
Again I say – You’ve made my lot secure
The boundary lines they fall in pleasant places
Surely I have a rightful place
Filled with joy at the throne of grace
I will praise Your name forevermore
Even at night
Sleep cannot hide
My Lord forever at my side
I will not be shaken
I will not be shaken
No, no I will not be shaken
With You by my side

Therefore now my heart and tongue rejoices
Therefore now my body rests secure
I am filled with joy within Your presence
You’ll not leave me in the grave
Or let Your holy One decay
You have given me the way of life

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