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Lament for a Nation


Lament for a Nation
Music and Lyric by Steve Bell

I woke up late this morning
Tell you what I found
A patriot asleep at the wheel
When I hear our nation’s anthem
Of Canada I’m proud
Where have our night watchmen been

There’s a catch to history
When progress has no choice
But to leave behind whatever we’ve sown
And I saw it on the TV
Our fearless leader’s voice
Calling to end what we’ve known

For every heartbreak poets lend
A place where memory finds her bed
For every body there’s a stone
That divides the living from the dead
For every nation come and gone
You’ll find a melancholy song
Telling stories of her glory
For the ones who called her home

Well I love the open prairie
The gateway to the west
When I die right here lay me down
With open skies above me
A haven for unrest
How will her requiem sound