Never Mind

steve-bell-beyond-a-shadow-cover-1997.jpg     steve-bell-burning-ember-cover-1994

Never Mind   – Music and Lyric by Steve Bell
Thanksgiving day – 1993

I wonder at my thoughts today
I didn’t use to feel this way
I used to wonder why
And cast a cynical eye
On every spark of light that came my way

I’m not sure what’s come over me
Or when I started to believe
A part of me is dead
There’s something new instead
Something indescribable to me

So never mind what I thought when I was young
Never mind what I think now
Never mind what tomorrow might become
As long as I can sing
As long as I can love

A buddy died the other day
We tried to cry the pain away
Yet at the same time
My sister had her very first child
One hand suffered loss the other gain

I seem to want what I can’t keep
I’ve tried to measure up the deep
Lord knows I’ve tried to figure out
Beyond a shadow of doubt
Mysteries much too wonderful for me