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Oh Love


Oh Love – Music and Lyric by Steve Bell
Hebrews 1 / Psalm 8 

You master
Started it all
Laid the foundation
Fashioned the stars
But the earth and the sky
Will someday wear out
Like a worn out old coat
But not you, you stay the same
Never fade and never changeIt’s true
Faster and faster we fall
In a sickening spin
Tumbling carelessly
And voluntarily making it all
Appear like a dream of our choosing faculty
We’re so proud to be so free 

Oh Love
What are You thinking of
How could it be true that You are mindful of us
All day
I’ve been thinking this way
Passing the time
Sounding the name
That is echoing over the earth

You hover
Over the ruin
Scattering hope for
Gathering fuel for a raging night fire
A beacon of truth
No more reproduced on a page or chiseled stone
Now the heart is written on

But few long for
An end to the fuss
And clamoring din
Managing mess
Instead of fundamentally living on trust
Encouraging love
As the day approaches near
And our time is ended here

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  1. Paul Rand

    Hi Steve
    My wife and I attended your concert in Halifax on November 6. Terrific concert in a special old church with great acoustics.

    I’ve listened to this song many times on the CD, but for some reason, it burst to life for me when I heard it live on Friday evening.

    This is a truly beautiful and powerful song. Great phrasing, intriguing ,well crafted and thoughtful.

    I like it. I like it alot.!

    Write some more!!

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