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Old Sage (Home Again)

Old Sage  (Home Again)
Music by Steve Bell / Lyric by Steve Bell and Jamie Howison

I remember how it started still
Those are days that I remember well
It was something in the stars that was new enough to tell
There was something going down

So we set off for a foreign land
With no idea what we just might find
’cause when you’re following a star
You have to walk at night
Sounds crazy even now
And still the search goes on for
My way back home
I can’t go back the way I’ve known
And now the road for me has changed
Nothing seems to look the same
Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining
And every star along the way
Holds the promise for the day
When I will be at home again

Some tell me I’m a wise man
A kind of sage you know it makes me laugh
I don’t know what I’m not, barely know what I am
If you know what I mean

But everybody can remember when
They had to stop and start all over again
It was something ’bout that boy in Bethlehem
I will never be the same


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  1. Fr. Edouard Bonin

    Steve thank you for this song, I will be using and paraphrasing the words in my homily on this feast of the Epiphany. Thank you also for the great Advent Celebration in our church here at Blessed Sacrament and your kindness towards me. I have been listening the the CD.s since our celebration. God bless you and your family, may he give the joy, peace, love, hope and health during this Christmas Season and the New year. With gratitude Fr. Ed.

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