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Pleasing to You

steve-bell-waiting-for-aidan-cover-2001     steve-bell-symphony-sessions

Pleasing to You  – Music and Lyric by Steve Bell
adapted from Psalm 19

The sun comes about
With a force and a strength
Bursting out from the ground
Like a hound to the race
It’s the same every day after day
Unto ages unending
I believe there’s more to this than were getting

It again rose today
As I’ve come to expect
Like the bridegroom awakes
From his honeymoon bed
To the one that he loves
And the object of all he can offer
I believe there’s something good here to ponder

The law of the Lord is right
A blazing light
Ever making wise the simple
The wisdom of God is whole
Restoring the soul
And the honour of His people
What can gold mean to my heart
When much sweeter fare by far
Is the counsel of the Holy One
My rock and my redeemer
And my God

The heavens proclaim
What I’m trying to say
Night after night
And day after day
There’s no time and no place
No speech where the truth is suspending
I believe that some things need no defending

May the words of my mouth
And the thoughts of my heart
Be pleasing to You
Be pleasing to You my God
My God


  1. Connor

    I absolutely love this song and the truth of it. It has such a beautiful melody coupled with such passionate, meaningful lyrics (based on a Psalm in this case), and I enjoy songs such as that very much!! I hope I will see more songs with such powerful meaning from you, Steve Bell! Thank you!

  2. Charles Leonhart

    Music has an amazing way of helping the thoughts and ideas being placed into the human heart, becoming a part of us… for good or for evil. I gave up letting foolish thinking into my heart and mind in 1985, and my music was the first source of “thinking’s” influence that got “adjusted”. Psalm 19 and Romans 1:18-22 (and on to 32) being what arrested my wicked heart as I read the Bible for myself as admonished by my Grandma quoting Acts 17:11. The Word of God is what we need to ponder above all else, right!? I thank God for the music of men like Steve!! For the joy and help that comes from the “planting” of the Good Seed their music accomplishes.

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