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Where the Good Way Lies LP


Steve Bell’s 20th album, produced largely in analogue format.


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I love the way Steve weaves the words of poets and preachers and complements them with his melodies. His signature style of folk is a great musical vehicle to bring the ancient paths of Jeremiah 6:16 to life. I can hardly wait to listen to these profound & comforting songs on the warmth of vinyl.   — Brian Doerksen, JUNO award winning recording artist‚ professor at Prairie College

Another masterful collection of lyrically dense truth bathed in skilful instrumental surprises. The genre that is Steve Bell never ceases to provoke and inspire.   —  Diane Gibbs

So much could be written about Where the Good Way Lies, Steve Bell’s 20th album. It is a wonderful gathering of songs that draw from the well of life’s difficulties to quench the thirst we all have for honest, rooted hope. Beauty and goodness run throughout the songs as guides that point to the Truth of where the good way lies. Yes, the trip on this good way continues to be arduous, but Steve reassures us that the pilgrim has a companion on the journey and a reason for the task. Steve does more than speak of beauty and goodness and love: he models it in this album in his incredible musicianship, his lyrics and his gentle encouragement to live out our vocation as bearers of the Divine. There is much here to delight, reassure and to instruct. Follow the paths Steve has walked faithfully as an artist for almost three decades and you will be rewarded with great music and greater joys.
— David Jennings

First impressions (the i’s tell it): Imaginative, inventive and intelligent. Illustrative of Steve Bell’s artistic sensibilities. Indicative of the faith, hope and love that permeates his work. Illuminates his ever creating anew, not resting on past achievements.
— Michael Dalton, The Phantom Tollbooth

Side A


1   Bring It On

2   Love Song

3   Where the Good Way Lies

4   And We Dance

5   Bethany in the Morning

6   Judy’s Garden


Side B


7   Freedom Road

8   A Better Resurrection

9   Let Beauty Awake

10 Love Is Our Way

11 Ash Wednesday

12 O Love (Come to Us)

13 Wait Alone in Stillness

The Good Way Song Samples