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No Words


This album collects the instrumentals Steve has written and recorded over the three and a half decades of his career.

Not only is Steve a great player, but it is so obvious the he is a true composer… and these recordings are stellar!

– Phil Keaggy


Steve has the touch, feel, and groove of a true master of the guitar. He writes goreous melodies that he makes sound simple. But that is the art of his sublime playing.

– Murray Pulver


Songs include:

Drumheller Circle / Waiting for Aidan / Down the Way / She’s In Love With Me /Freedom Road / This, Too, is True / Hymn Medley / Pop-Pop and the Lads / Borrowed Shoes/ Fox Glove / Judy’s Garden / Christmas Medley / Cashe Island / Air Jam

If you are interested in learning some of these pieces and the various techniques, guitar tunings and chord voicings, visit the Steve Bell Guitar Masterclass at: