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Produced by: Dave Zeglinski, Steve Bell & Murray Pulver

Released: September 15,2014 (Canada)
Released: October 1, 2014 (International)

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Signpost Music is proud to commemorate Steve Bell’s notable 25 year solo music career, which has thus far produced 17 albums, three DVDs, and over 1,500 concerts across four continents.

Since there’s no better way to celebrate music than with music, we’ve put together this four disc set as both a retrospective, and an anticipation of milestones yet to come. Steve’s newest collection of songs, entitled Pilgrimage, touches on Lenten themes in his trademark story-telling fashion. Unadorned is a selection of all new “unplugged” recordings chosen by fans from Steve’s existing body of work. Good Company features Steve’s compositions as recorded by friends and colleagues whom he’s come to know along the way. Finally, Landscapes offers a beautiful, contemplative experience of select recordings without vocals.

We’ve also included a special stand alone book containing a biographical essay by John Stackhouse on Steve’s music and ministry, along with song lyrics and archival photos. Enjoy!

68 reviews for Pilgrimage

  1. Nancy Marshall

    I have been listening to this wonderful set since September. Each disc is unique and special. ‘Landscapes’ was a perfect background to our post Thanksgiving gathering. I am also really enjoying Good Company and hearing different singers do my favorite Steve Bell songs. Can’t recommend this set enough. The packaging and the book are so well done. These would make a perfect Christmas gift…

  2. Janet Widdicobe

    I have been listened to these great CDs . Uplifting,calming,joyous,peaceful,stimulating,faithful,so much variety when I put them all on as I work around the house.Worth every cent

  3. Hilary

    I loved every part of it. Some of the songs on the Good Company disc grated a bit on me, but otherwise it’s a great compilation! Love love love the new material, and the acoustic versions of old material.

  4. Greg Leith

    Thanks Steve and Malcolm and Dave and friends for your labor of love to produce this powerful and deep series of songs over the years. There is much to be thankful for! As people enter the soul ministering, heart uplifting, laughter generating, brain soothing space of these songs. I know listeners will find the melodies and words of a wise sage who for a moment in time will have a friend to travel with in their life pilgrimage because you have heard the voice of God on your own pilgrim journey and decided to share it with us. The planet is a better place because if it.

  5. Louise Froese

    Thank you for another wonderful set of songs. The book is a great addition to this package making the songs even more meaningful. Congratulations on 25 years of ministry! Your music speaks to the heart.

  6. Ruth Williams

    I attended the Steve Bell concert in London, Ontario last week. I purchased the Pilgrimage boxed set that evening. I haven’t stopped listening to the CDs since!! I love all 4 in the set! I have smiled, danced, wept, and thought deeply about the truths presented in the music. I have read the book from cover to cover. I found it inspiring to learn about the struggles and stories behind Steve Bells songs. I am a long-time fan and supporter of Steve’s work. I think this Pilgrimage set is the crown jewel of his journey!

  7. Al Fleming

    I first heard Steve Bell’s music about three years ago when I came across while listening to one the Galaxy music channels on my TV. I was intrigued by his sense of melody and his profoundly moving lyrics. Since them, the musical archeologist in me has been digging through his catalogue, much to my delight. When I learned of the plans to release a multi disc box set I was excited — when I received my copy of PILGRIMAGE I was over the moon, overwhelmed and delighted beyond all expectation.

    Everything about the PILGRIMAGE is all about care, purpose and precision. The new album after which the compilation is named is stellar. Alternatively filled with senses of mirth, melancholia, celebration and sorrow, the new material refreshes, informs and provokes contemplation. The rest of the project is nothing short of mind-boggling; LANDSCAPES features the music beds of some of Steve’s best work and the result is musically delicious. UNADORNED features solo versions of Steve’s songs that are as full and as nuanced as any of the full band versions. Worth noting is just how evergreen these gems from Steve’s canon are — Steve’s guitar work is without equal and his new interpretations of these “classics” are full of energy — give a listen to “Oh Love” and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

    The covers CD, GOOD COMPANY is proof positive of the esteem in which Steve Bell is clearly held by his contemporaries. It’s a real cornucopia of styles and interpretations — take note of Malcolm Guite’s take on “Descent” for a taste of how creative these covers are.

    Even the packaging of the project is cause for celebration; John Stackhouse’s lengthy essay on Steve Bell, “Comforter of God’s People” is a revealing, honest, frank yet wholly sincere overview of Steve’s career and output thus far. Steve’s commentary throughout the essay is revealing, touching and nothing if not incredibly humble.

    In a dark world in which so much that is happening invites darkness, Steve Bell and PILGRIMAGE offer hope, relief and solace. The PILGRIMAGE project and Steve Bell’s creativity in getting it compiled and released are welcome breaths of fresh air. If you are seeking music that both inspires and respires, that can make you think or lull you wonderfully into quiet contemplation, PILGRIMAGE does the trick in the most pleasing of fashions.

    Whether you’re just getting to know Steve Bell or you’ve been there for the entirety of his 25-year career, PILGRIMAGE is a perfect addition to anyone’s music library. I’ve listened to it everyday since its arrival in my mailbox in mid-September and I’m still finding surprises in it. I can’t offer any greater praise than to say PILGRIMAGE is a superb collection from an artist worthy of being heard by everyone everywhere.

  8. Nelson M

    A phenomenal spiritual adventure with the soothing sounds and guidance of the Holy Spirit embodied in musical instrumentation and the powerful yet gentle voices that are a staple behind all of Steve’s works. Search no further for peace, tranquility, and simple salvation with this amazing 4 disc set. The warm and soothing sounds of Steve’s amazing compilations offer a calming, cozy hug during the cooler Canadian seasons. This collaboration of poetry, vocals, and talented musical stylings will leave you inspired to pass on the good word and warm wishes to everyone that you come into contact with. I highly recommend this box set for everyone and anyone. Easily a wonderful gift choice for any occasion. Oh, and the T-Shirts have a gorgeous design, are extremely soft, and are very stylish…Don’t forget to grab one of those too while they are still available!

  9. Kevin

    A fantastic collection! As any great album should, all of the CD’s in this set take you on an incredible journey that is more than just a trip but is, as the title suggests, a pilgrimage; it is a journey that takes you deeper in faith and closer to the heart of God.

  10. Paul Durksen

    Another stellar album from Steve – the new music is already memorable and filled with melodies that stay with you all day long. The CD of Steve’s music as interpreted by other artists is fantastic and helps make this Pilgrimage package one any music lover should add to their collection!

  11. Kevin Belmonte

    For 25 years, Steve Bell has mingled poetry with the songwriter’s craft, and deft skill as a guitarist. Along the way, he’s become a multiple Juno Award-winner, performed with symphony orchestras, and won praise from peers like Bruce Cockburn.

    The release of Bell’s 4-CD career retrospective, Pilgrimage, is a cause célèbre, coming as it does in tandem with the acclaimed documentary film, Burning Ember, which traces Bell’s musical journey. Pilgrimage offers a treasure trove of new songs, landmark unplugged performances, and covers from famous peers: Jacob Moon, the Bros. Landreth, Carolyn Arends–and Malcolm Guite. Box sets don’t come any finer…

    On both sides of the Atlantic, and in his native Canada, Steve Bell has blazed trails, and lived a life of vibrant artistic expression. The milestones in his music have been markers for many in a journey of faith. And the best news is, he has miles yet to travel…

  12. Craig Swanson

    Having been introduced to Steve’s music by his father (Alf), during a time in my life when I was walking “Through the Valley”, I have been deeply encouraged! His music and lyrics resonate to the basics of the “Good News”. Steve has been Blessed with his musical talent, and the insight to share some of the “Mysteries” of Gods Word, through his Lyrics!
    I especially love his song, Mercy Now, which yes we could all use a little bit of now!

  13. Ron &Carol. craig

    We absolutely love it. Have played disks over & over.
    We reanlly enjoyed the introduction eve of Pilgrimage@ the grant Park Cinema

  14. Lou & Joyce Reimer

    We’ve been listening to and enjoying Steve’s music for a long time. This celebration of 25 years of his music has exceeded our expectations, which were pretty high to begin with. All 4 discs as well as the written material are carefully thought out and articulated. As a summary of his body of work they are a must listen for every fan. As a tribute to his career thus far (although he would probably be to modest to admit this), they are quite simply, amazing. His various band-mates, fellow writers and all involved have done a masterful job.

  15. Alisha Larsen

    Steve Belles cd is amazing he came to pei Cornwall to cornerstone church one night and it moved me so much and I continue to listen to him this day any bad day I have just by listening to his music makes me happy!!

  16. Alison (verified owner)

    I took the afternoon off when Pilgrimage arrived. It was so good, I’m going to do it again! Thank you Steve 🙂

  17. Kathy Giesbrecht

    I go to my collection of Steve Bell CD’s when my soul feeds some feeding…I have found his latest offering to be delicious.

  18. Kelly Blanchard

    Awesome songs that tell wonderful stories poetic music really enjoy listening to Steve. His music makes my heart sing

  19. Patricia Boudier (verified owner)

    These works take me on a journey back through time. They are a celebration of the spirit and how it has strengthened since Burning Ember the song. I have always been amazed at Steve Bell’s mastery of music.

    I’d recommend these works to listen to and enjoy for years to come. Go for it!

  20. SandRa Lee

    Thoughts On A Rainy Afternoon

    Why Do We Hunger For Beauty
    On our Pilgrimage
    Through these Landscapes,
    Lenten Lands?

    Turn It Around
    Where do we hear beauty?

    Steve Bell is an Oracle
    Called to Comfort My people
    With Diamonds From The Other Side–
    Feel The Winds Of God Today
    As you listen to songs
    That are Pleasing To You

    Oh Love
    Embrace The Mystery

    Borrow Shoes
    If you must
    It would be A Big Mistake
    For you to say
    Never Mind
    To this CD set
    Filled with songs which
    Come Back To Me
    Like a Burning Ember

    Think About That

  21. Frances Hudson

    Wonderful spiritually uplifting. Thank you.

  22. Pauline Medeiros-Schmidt

    I have listened to all 5 CD’s. I love it that many of my favorite songs are included in this set. The packaging/art is gorgeous! The little book is full of beautiful stories and info. And…..I especially enjoy the instrumental CD. Many thanks for all you hard work, patience and passion.

  23. David and Ruth

    We are enjoying the Pilgrimage Series very much! We especially enjoy the instrumental CD in this series! We were wowed by the Burning Embers movie! We also liked the book in the set! Thank you for sharing your gift, Steve! You are a humble servant of The Lord and He is able to use you mightily! Hey, your Pilgrimage Set came just in time for our 25th wedding anniversary! : )

  24. Sun

    I love this 4 cd set!

  25. Jacky Bramma

    Pilgrimage is a God-given gift! The CD collection is a lovely mix of well-loved favourites, refreshing new ones, tender instrumentals and covers by other great artists. The accompanying book (I couldn’t put it down) is a touching insight into Steve’s journey. Such an amazing 25 years of ministry!

  26. Dave Jaworski


    Every album has something to offer. If you are a Steve Bell fan this is a MUST for your collection. If you have not yet discovered Steve, start here! Each of the four discs will give you a different perspective into the artist we love. Enjoy!

  27. Jeremy

    As a long time Steve Bell fan, nearly 25 years, I always find myself excited when I catch wind of his next project. It was no different with Pilgrimage. Counting down the days and watching the mail box for its arrival has now been replaced by endless cycles though the cd player. New or seasoned fans will enjoy all that is a part of the Pilgrimage project for years to come. I could go on but simply put, for what its worth, I highly recommend Pilgrimage.

  28. Shelly H.

    PILGRIMAGE: nuanced crafting around lyrics with unexpected variety – subtle folk, jazz, country flavors – woven throughout.
    UNADORNED: as the title suggests; simple, lovely, careful, interesting.
    GOOD COMPANY: LOVE this diverse collection of artists covering Steve’s truly creative and inspiring offerings.
    LANDSCAPES: What’s not to love? Intimate, comforting, easy, beautiful, a welcome respite.

  29. Glenna Smith

    My husband and I attended Steve’s ( and Don ‘s ) concert at Cornerstone Church in PEI…..and in the middle of the concert…..I had the profound realization that for the first time in many, many months, I was totally relaxed and sensing God’s presence and engulfed in His Spirit. My family has been on a difficult journey with illness, loss and stress, and God spoke to me through Steve’s music and the tears flowed and cleansed and comforted me in a very real and surreal way…it was amazing! Thank you Steve for being His instrument and for, through the words of your songs, that He IS still in control !!!! The 4 CD set, Pilgrimage, is one that I will treasure and enjoy for a long, long time…..the songs give me a release of emotions that I have been keeping deep inside me as I now realize I have not been “leaning on Him” enough to get through this valley I am experiencing in life! I now can once again claim the promise that He will be with me, walk with me and , when I cannot walk,… carry me ……as He always has! Thank you for your music and for the way you present the gospel of Jesus Christ through your music!!!!!

  30. Sarah Penner

    This is an album not only of Steve’s journey but a lot of my own as well. I can look back over the years and see how different songs, different albums meant certain things in my life. This album is so wonderful. Many well-loved classics, amazing new works and even a whole CD of Steve’s songs done by other artists! There’s at least one CD, of this 4-CD set, for everyone. If you’re like me, each one will resonate with you and you’ll find yourself playing them repeatedly. Steve has been blessed with a wonderful talent and I am so glad he continues to share it with us! I can’t wait to see what the years ahead will bring. Congratulations, Steve, on 25 years of bringing glory to the One who gave you this gift.

  31. Peggy Vink

    I love the Pilgrimage set! It was really well thought out, and the music is terrific! Worth every penny!

  32. Judy

    I enjoyed this project very much. Your music is so inspiring!!!!!

  33. Colleen Peters

    – Powerful, poignant, and practical; this pilgrimage project is pure pleasure. Ever onward Steve.

  34. Liz McGuire

    Steve’s new album while being beautifully produced musically, continues to challenge and support listeners in their personal faith journeys. The melodies of his new work sound as fresh as ever and the lyrics pull me out of complacency about my life here with other believers.
    The joyous find of this album is the section called Songs which is the background music to many Steve Bell favourites. When played in the car, which is where I keep Steve as my guardian angel, the excellent recordings that Dave Z has made of the backup musicians allows one’s mind to wander through prairie scenery and life’s events unguided by lyric. I have shared the album with a friend in palliative care and she too is calmed and comforted by this glorious gift of 25 years of seeking and searching that Steve has shared with us. Bravo.

  35. Darlene

    Steve’s Music is excellent to listen to, it is calming and relaxing. Been to a few of his concerts and I’d recommend them and his great cd’s to anyone.

  36. Andrew Bryce (verified owner)

    During a recent day off I listened to all four CD’s back to back. Most relaxing day in a long, long time. Steve brings fresh warmth to the word ‘chill’.

  37. Patrick Friesen

    Every album on here is well done and has a unique flavour. Combined they create a great summary of the past 25 years in Steve Bell’s career. The new songs on Pilgrimage are beautiful and call for significant reflection. Standing out would be “Mary” and “Turn it Around”. Good Company has some “knock-out-of-the-park” covers. Perhaps the best is The Bros. Landreth with “Jenny”. Coming a close second is David Jennings rendition of “Everything’s Lies” and Jon Buller’s “Comfort My People”. These songs bring a new and deeper meaning to the lyrics.

  38. Stella

    Steve & company have uniquely and beautifully packaged a life’s journey. No matter where one is in their faith or given situation at the time, you will find something in this set that will resonate and (prayerfully) lead you to our Great Healer, Comforter & Physician.

  39. Jeff

    Another great project from a gifted singer songwriter. The five star bar was set with Steve’s albums: Comfort My People, Burning Ember, Romantics & Mystics, Waiting for Aidan, & Kindness. So with those as my benchmark, Pilgrimage has to settle for a measly 4 stars–which means it is a solid album nonetheless, and Steve Bell faithfuls will not be disappointed. I believe the real standout tracks are, A Big Mistake, Lenten Lands, and Mercy Now. Each of these songs give the listener something to “think about (that)”, long after listening to the tracks. Thanks once again Steve for the great music!

  40. Anneke Dykink

    Thanks Steve and you Talented Friends for the inspiring music that soothes the soul.
    It is a great blessing, to listen on my headset, as I work every day.

  41. Darlene Chimilar

    I have watched Steve’s musical career evolve over the years…from high-school talent shows and the days of Elias, Schritt, and Bell, to his JUNO Awards and celebrated performances with the WSO! Yet two things have remained constant while fulfilling his musical journey…his faith, and his unmistakeably soothing voice. This collection of songs take us through that journey that has evolved as a result of the various avenues of exploration he has encountered throughout his life. Congratulations on putting together a remarkably inspiring set of CD’s! Steve Bell’s music is truly God’s gift to us all!!

  42. Jeff McCann

    Steve Bell’s box set Pilgrimage celebrates a career thus far in Canadian music that has captivated all who have heard him. If you’ve ever been to a Steve Bell concert, and I’ve been to many, you will know that it doesn’t matter whether Steve is with an orchestra, band, trio or solo, he just captivates. That’s why I feel this box set is a perfect concept for celebrating the music of Steve.

    Among the four CDs, you will hear Steve’s signature finger style guitar on Landscapes. A completely instrumental CD of favorite songs. As much as I love to hear Steve sing, I am always thrilled to hear him play his guitar. He’s been considered among one of the world’s best guitar players, and although he would never admit this, I believe it’s true. A cup of coffee and a warm sweater is all that is needed to enjoy the beauty of this instrumental album. Worth the price of the box set all on it’s own.

    Unadorned is absolutely beautiful in it’s simplistic, stripped down guitar and vocal treatment to more favorites. No need for fancy arrangements and studio tricks, it’s a great testament to Steve’s talent and skill. It’s wonderful having all these CDs together as you get to decide what you’d like to hear. If you’re like me, you put 4 of them in your CD changer or an iPod playlist along with another of Steve Bell’s previous albums (Like Dinner with Bruce) and put it on shuffle and let the songs randomly play across the box set. Pilgrimage is a CD comprised on the topic of lent. My absolute favorite song on this particular CD is Mercy Now. It’s just beautiful. It’s also great to hear Steve’s treatment of Wayfaring Stranger.

    Lastly, Good Company is like the perfect tribute album featuring friends and colleagues of Steve’s. You’ll hear Mike Janzen, Steve’s ridiculously talented pianist and arranger on Ever Present Need and friend and collaborator Carolyn Arends. A host of other very talented and accomplished musicians pay tribute to Steve on this album which makes a perfect addition to the other 3 discs in this complete 4 CD box set.

    At 39.99, this is an absolute must for fans of Steve Bell.

  43. Darlene Marion

    This newest Pilgrimage CD collection release is indeed just that, a magnificent musical journey over 25 years from Steve Bells’ first release to the present. His God given musical talent continues to touch the heart in such a way that brings you closer to the Lord Almighty! The simple lyrics soothes the soul and lifts you up no matter what you are going through. Steve has such a unique down to earth approach as a gifted story teller that keeps you intrigued and in stitches with his witty humor. His instrumental ability as a guitarist is second to none, as it takes you through incredible variations of rhythm and beat.

    I have listened to every CD over and over for hours, each time being awed by the gift of this talented man and his colleagues who bring glory to God through their music! I so enjoyed the instrumental CD that was part of the package as well. I whole heartedly recommend this inspiring Pilgrimage CD collection to anyone who loves Christian music. I pray that God will continue to bless Steve’s ministry as he continues to share his heart and love for God with all who have the privilege to hear him! You won’t be disappointed!!! Blessings!

  44. Karen Hoeft

    Al & I were privileged to hear Steve in Concert in Winnipeg, just as “Pilgrimage” was released. To hear him tell the stories about the journey, about the songs, the songwriters, the poets, the friends, all those who were on this journey with him was marvelous. To go home and listen to the album, all 4 discs, and hear the stories running through my mind as I listened the music was amazing.

    Steve, one of the great things I love about you, is how humble you are about your God-gifted talent. Your talent not just for making music, but for building community wherever you go. You share so freely of who you are, but you recognize that you are not alone and you show the world that true talent lies in the sharing of wisdom, story and life.

    This album, “Pilgrimage” is a tribute to all those who are part of this community. Thank you for inviting all of us into your community!


  45. Debbie Graves

    Loved the first CD in the set the best, but all are enjoyable!

  46. Matthew Durksen

    Growing up, listening to my dad’s Steve Bell albums was always a privilege. Hearing the catchy tunes and inspiring lyrics were always pleasurable and exciting. This set of albums is nothing short of the best that Steve has to offer (which, mind you, is everything he puts out). There is not one point when I was disappointed in a song, or that i skipped it because it was boring or was not interested. It was engaging. It’s still engaging. Personally my favorite discs were the Unadorned and Landscapes, with their sense of nostalgia in a new way. That being said, the new tracks are simply amazing in their own special way and I will definitely be listening to the whole thing on repeat. And I always love a good collaboration album especially from amazing artists as the ones featured. Good Company certainly delivers Steve’s heart and soul from the lyrics and the vision of the music, and the interpreters give a definite flare that does not take the original spirit away but instead takes you on another journey of serenity.

    Keep it up Steve, blessing many people with something that is completely worth it.

  47. Grant Corriveau

    Spoiler Alert! This review gives away some of the surprises to be had listening to this set — so beware — you’ve been warned. You may prefer to skip reading it until after you’ve heard the music….

    So much has already been said … so I’ll just touch on some highlights I remember from several hours spent listening to this set of 4 discs while driving my little motorhome through the mountains between Nanaimo and Alberta:

    The first disc – great as we’ve come to expect … much already written.

    Solo Steve – an intimate home concert with Steve … will be played often as I rest by the fireplace on a quiet evening with a favorite beverage…

    Cover Album – Have you ever been at the beach and sat very still and stared into a tidal pool? At first there seems like there’s not much happening, but if you are really still, suddenly things start to move, and your eyes begin to see details that at first you missed. And after a few minutes the pool is alive with nuances and motion.

    This cover-disc of familiar Steve Bell songs is like that. Suddenly songs that I thought I knew so well, spring to life with a new and unexpected vibe! Some of the performers play versions pretty close to the originals but of course with their own nuances and style. Others take the songs into whole new realms.

    For example, the opening song by Jon Buller, Comfort My People, suddenly becomes this great toe-tapping, rock-a-billy two-stepping song that you just have to dance or clap along with. I was driving at the time so this got a little exciting. A definite time to crank up the volume — and leave it up for the rest of the album.

    The next song is Never Mind featuring Diana Pops and it does something amazing with this Steve Bell classic. Regular fans of Steve will know by now that he can work the most disturbing and soul wrenching lyrics into a kind of “bippy” tune and the whole thought goes by so fast it’s like you just got side-swiped ala that Sound of Music classic “A Spoon Full of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down…” But – now suddenly here’s Diana Pops and company tossing away the sugar and hitting us much more directly with an ambience completely colored and textured by life’s great mysteries as expressed in lines like, “A buddy died the other day … (fade to silence — shocking silence — stop and think about that kind of pain for a second or two) … Tried to cry the pain away. ” Chills! And tears. The next time this song came around I literally had to pull my vehicle off the highway and just LISTEN, surrounded by the solitude of the Rocky Mountains on a rainy morning… wow! A truly sacred experience.

    The album continues … so many high points … Mike Janzen does these mesmerizing things with musical/jazzy stuff I don’t begin to understand … changing the key? modifying the rhythms? And suddenly Ever Present Need is an aching, longing, burning, gut wrenching need like never before.

    All the artists add and spin and weave nuances to Steve tunes that make these old favorites into brand new favorites. If I described them all I’d take up the entire page and leave fans with no more reasons to actually go listen! NOT! But anyways – enough said. This cover album is possibly my favorite disc of the four (at least right now)…

    But close behind is the 4th disc of instrumentals. This disc became the background track for much of my drive through the mountains. At times inspiring, and other times edgy, spine tingling, unnerving as melodies are bent away from the original vocal versions and recrafted into waves of music that flood like clouds illuminated from within. I guess there are a variety of artists at work here — Mike Janzen’s symphonic arrangements and of course the symphonies, and so on — but many of the songs come, I believe, from the imagination and wizardry of Dave Zeglinski, who after listening to Steve Bell songs hundreds of times more than any other person on the planet, has taken the original master tracks and remixed them into these strange and amazing new instrumentals that evoke the original versions, yet go places that surprise and delight and tantilize …. Often the “8-track-player-in-my-head (younger readers – google it) plays these versions throughout the day and they have become some of my favorite versions of Steve’s Songs.

    I’ll stop now … but only because I’ve kindled the desire to go relisten to the album. Can you tell I “kind of” like it?

  48. Verna Froese

    Delighted with the Pilgrimage Celebration package! Enjoy the music, vocals, story-telling….actually all of it is so devotional and inspiring!

  49. Roy Salmond

    As producer on 2 of these discs – I really shouldn’t be here – but I’m not only a friend, but a fan of Steve’s music and I can’t restrain myself to comment on the 2 discs I wasn’t involved with.

    Pilgrimage, to me, is the finest thing Steve has done, and he’s done a lot of fine things (Musically as well:-). I love the beauty of sonics and Dave Z put a lot of care and heart into this to make it a gorgeous listening experience. The record sounds fuller and more 3 dimensional than I’ve heard. And so present and immediate, like Steve is beside you. Nothing is out of place and it shows an abundance of tasteful restraint, so the songs and singer and players have room to breathe. I’m also a lyrics guy and love the first song lyrics “Whoever who loves God, loves all that God Loves – think about that”. Some people write whole albums and books that are not as succinct as that.

    From there I’m treated to as fine an opening 6 song set as I’ve ever heard. Turn It Around has a groove so deep and subtle you can fall into it and get lost. Wayfaring Stranger accomplishes that rarest of all recorded feats, taking familiarity and making it new again. Mike Janzen’s string arrangements frame Steve’s songs without ever overwhelming them and Murray Pulver’s tasteful, effortless guitar just makes me grin.

    The whole album pulses with an awake and engaged spirit, that points the way down paths old and worn, and journeys to be started. Landscapes, Dave Zeglinski’s labour of love, is a delightful surprise. I end up hearing the lyrics anyway but love the floating rhythm of each song as it winds it’s way to the end. I Love the stripped down stuff because I get to hear Steve in all his nuanced guitar glory.

    Great job to Steve and Dave and Murray and all the other assorted characters involved in this sonic endeavour. Including John Stackhouse’s reverent but not cloying articulation of Steve’s musical and spiritual pilgrimage. Would that much of Christian music be this thoughtful & generous to the heart and mind.

  50. Joanne (verified owner)


  51. Laura Van Leeuuwen

    A wonderful delve into 25 years of Steve Bell’s remarkable music career and world class talent! I love the preview sound tracks to get to the ones I want to hear first. I savour each song and the memories and ministry it brings. I will gift this to myself and many others this Christmas.

  52. Linda Hall

    I kept listening to the first CD over and over again. And when I came to the song Mercy Now, I kept listening to that particular one again and again. Finally, we went on and listened to the other 3 CDs and loved them all.

  53. Cindy Errickson

    Again… every song becomes a part of memory and a very long playlist titled Steve Bell …. you’re the only singer/song writer with that honor in my Library.

  54. Carla Siemann

    Wonderful, inspiring music. Feeds the soul, and lifts my spirits.
    All 4 CD’s are fantastic.

  55. Rachel

    I turned it on “just for a moment” and was lulled into a warm peace so I just had to keep listening! After being a fan for 21 years, the rich tapestry of Steve’s inimitable guitar, sweet melody, pleasing harmony and meaningful lyrics still comes like a healing smooth river to my soul. God has definitely blessed Steve with a gift of love and encouragement through music. And God has also gifted us through the music Steve shares with the world.

  56. Don Palm

    Unlike many of the reviewers here, we’re relatively new to Steve Bell: we bought our first Steve Bell CD when Steve’s career was on page 84 (year 2000) of the Pilgrimage essay by John Stackhouse.

    With this 25th Anniversary 4-CD set, I realize now we ‘discovered’ Steve Bell when he was already half-way through what is now a remarkable 25-year solo career. Or, said another way, “We met Steve Bell in the middle of Page 93”.

    I loved listening to each particular CD of the Pilgrimage project — new and old material — reading the book cover-to-cover in one sitting — constantly being reminded of the many concerts we’ve attended and how these many songs spoke into the story of our own lives along the way, and continue to enhance our own pilgrimage journey.

    What a great way to celebrate the Signpost Music story. It’s a beautiful and inspirational collection of work on many artistic and spiritual levels.

    As much as this Pilgrimage project is a celebration of what we collectively believe is a Canadian singer-songwriter’s success story, it’s also a story of God’s mercy and grace; and how He provides for these people to overcome challenges and discouragement through partnerships, prayerful planning, patience, persistence and perseverance.

    The gift in Steve Bell’s music and lyrics many is that he’s given us a way to express the longing for God’s plan to be revealed and fulfilled in our own lives.

    Hopefully this story continues for many years to come. Let’s each continue to do our part in supporting them so this story ends with a great big exclamation mark instead of a question mark!

  57. Elisabeth (Bee) Drachenberg

    Finished a very difficult day by opening Steve Bells new pilgrimage CD. I plugged it in, uncannily flipped to the 6th song, and proceeded with open heart surgery. In under six minutes I was lifted from my circumstances to my knees. What a great place to be! Thanking God for Steve Bell and his incredible gift in song. It seems that wherever I am in my journey, Steve’s music reaches me and inspires me deeply. Pilgrimage is a gem!

  58. Lori Clermont

    Wow! What a splendid piece of work Steve Bell! Each CD is so powerful and well done. God smiles at you and is very pleased. I thank God for you and your music. I have been listening to your Pilgrimage CD’s for weeks now and was blessed to see you in Vernon. You are not old and things just happen, haha. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  59. Shauna Gill (verified owner)

    I heard Steve perform some of his new material this past Saturday in Summerland BC. I am ordering the Pilgrimage set and look forward to many inspired moments! This concert was my new husbands Intro to Steve Bell. He leaned over to me and said “we need to get his new set!”

  60. leith box

    I love the concept of pilgrimage as a way of celebrating these amazing 25
    years.The logo is great and apt. I am thoroughly enjoying the CDs and appreciate the highlighting of different aspects of this soulnourishing ministry. the accompanying book is brilliant bringing some story to the celebration as well as lyrics for the first CD. All in all a treat. Continued grace and blessing for the journey

  61. DAPHNE ROBINSON (verified owner)


  62. Cherie LeMoine

    I was caught up in the magic and the ministry of Steve Bell at his recent concert in September at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Charlottetown, PEI, as he brought us the music from his latest project, Pilgrimage. My soul was touched, my spirit inspired and my heart blessed as he shared his heart with us in his signature way through superb guitar picking, poetic lyrics and unforgettable melodies. Thank you Steve for blessing us, encouraging us and inspiring us as you transport us along with you in your journey, “pilgrimage”, through this life. I have been listening to the CD’s from this project ever since.

  63. Holly Ordway

    Pilgrimage is a delight! It’s all that you could ask for in a 25th anniversary set, and then some. The title album, with its new songs, is fantastic: each song is distinctive, yet they all fit into the ‘arc’ of the album. It’s already become one of my favorite of Steve Bell’s albums, and that’s saying something. And the other discs are great as well: I particularly appreciate the simplicity of the ‘unadorned’ songs, which highlight Steve’s wonderful voice. It’s also a treat to have such a great set of albums presented in such a beautiful way, with the retrospective book as well. A must-have if you are already a Steve Bell fan, and a great way to discover his wonderful music if you’ve yet to hear him.

  64. Bill Erickson

    Upon receiving Pilgrimage, I waited for the opportunity to take a long drive with just me and Steve in the car (figuratively of course) to listen to his new 4 CD set. The crisp sound of Steve’s melodies and the depth of the lyrics perfectly complemented my drive in and around Yosemite National Park on a warm fall day. I enjoyed Steve’s new music, revisiting his prior hits and especially the tribute from his fellow musicians of some of favorite ballads. What a great gift from his fellow friends in the business. Amazing! The music and the epic scenes of Yosemite are still playing in my mind.

  65. Norma Jones

    Loved the story of your 25 years. Everyone can relate to something that has happened to yuou. Keep trusting and following the Lord’s leading. God Bless you all

  66. Leon Teal

    In all fairness, I am a longtime Steve Bell fan, and another who got to take in Steve in concert in Charlottetown back in September. Steve focused on the “Pilgrimage” disc from the boxed set.

    Good decision! Because even presented as a body of new, unfamiliar tracks, Steve’s 25th anniversary set sounds remarkably fresh and vibrant. As remarkable as Steve’s work has been through the years, this CD will go down as one of his best.

    I hesitate to name highlights, but the poetry and musical setting of “Big Mistake” is an unrelenting delight. Problem is, once one begins naming highlights, one soon realizes that the entire track list deserves mention. A stellar work to celebrate 25 years.

    And that’s just Disc 1. The second disc “Unadorned” sees Steve revisiting some of his classic material with just Steve and his guitar (unadorned….). ” There’s not much to argue with here, but “Why Do We Hunger For Beauty” takes on a stark majesty in it’s stripped down presentation. The same can be said for “Here By The Water.” But the hands down highlight for me is hearing Steve throw himself into “Waiting For Aidan” the original version of which highlighted a bevy instrumental shades. When I heard Steve perform this live, solo, in Halifax in 2006, I remember thinking ‘that takes guts’. To commit it to CD…? Wow!

    The “Good Company” CD is a bit of a mixed bag. But the highlights are stunning. Ego Spank manage to turn “Turn It Around” upside down with their amazing funk (yes funk) version of Steve’s first single from the box set (Is this the first time in the history of recorded music that an artist releases a song and it’s first cover version simultaneously?). But even better, is the treatment Diana Pops and Adrian Bradford give to “Nevermind.” The poignancy of Steve’s lyric is absolutely gripping in this stark rendering.

    Disc 4 is a collection of Steve’s songs presented as instrumentals. A perfect accompaniment for times of solitude and reflection. And a reminder of the significance of Steve’s right hand – Dave Zeglinski.

    The entire package comes with an excellent essay on the life, ministry and recorded works of Steve Bell, compiled and written by John Stackhouse. The work is comprehensive, and grants some great insights into the journey into and through the artistry of Steve Bell.

    Overall, this is a box set that allows one to hear and to see Steve from a variety of vantage points. Not surprisingly, every vantage point is most satisfying. “Pilgrimmage” is more than just a signpost (get it?) of 25 years of inspired artistry. It sounds a clear call that there will be more songs, and more ministry to come from Canada’s best kept secret.

    Thankful to be ‘in’ on that secret….
    Leon Teal

  67. Jackie

    I am enjoying this compilation! Each disc has something to say to encourage a deeper faith. There is a sense to me of looking back to learn anew what we have in God. Unadorned & Good Company are fun best of Steve’s songs. Landscapes allows us to hear the music behind the lyrics, a mix of backgrounds from guitar to orchestra. The book is a great bonus, renewing my appreciation of the sadness and joy that draws the pilgrims who struggle to hope.

  68. Jackie

    I was very excited about this project when it was first announced! I was particularly looking forward to the instrumental, covers, & and acoustic discs the most, which did not disappoint! I am enjoying Pilgrimage, as it touches on the themes I continue to appreciate from Steve-the need for mercy & grace, his love for family, and his sureness that God is good. His instrumental tracks are always a delight, and both are complex & whimsical at the same time. The poetry, the melodies, truly comfort His people.

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