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Story & Song vol. 1


Produced by: Dave Zeglinski

Released: 2006


For years folks have been asking for recordings of the stories I tell along with the songs I sing. I have always been reticent to do this sort of project but Dave Z. finally convinced me it would be a good thing. So last year, with the generous support of a friend, we purchased some mobile recording gear and started recording concerts. Then, Dave sat down and listened to the dozens of concerts trying to find performances worth remembering – poor guy.

I have to admit, I can’t think of a more tedious job than doing sound for the same artist for years on end. Dave has probably sat through close to a thousand concerts of mine, and then to think he had to wade through some 60 concerts to cull and compile one CD is beyond my comprehension.

It’s odd to me that I’ve come to be known as a storyteller. I played for years in nightclubs and hardly spoke a word. Then one night I found myself on an outdoor stage performing solo for a public church event. For some seemingly random reason, I opened my mouth and started telling stories …

Story & Song Tracks

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