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Psalm 116


Psalm 116 – Steve Bell
Adapted from the Anglo-Genevan Psalter

I love the Lord the fount of life and grace
He heard my voice my cry my supplication
Inclined his ear gave strength and consolation
In life in death I’ll always seek his face

The cords of death held me in deep despair
The terrors of the grave caused me to languish
I suffered untold grief and bitter anguish
In my distress I turned to God in prayer

I cried to him oh I beseech thee Lord
Preserve her life and prove thyself my saviour
The Lord is just and he shows grace and favour
In boundless mercy he fulfills his word

The Lord preserves the helpless graciously
For when brought low in him I found salvation
Come now my soul relieved from tribulation
Return to rest the Lord has favoured thee

What shall I render to my Saviour now
For all the riches of his consolation
With joy I’ll take the cup of this salvation
And call upon his name with thankful vow

Jerusalem within your courts I’ll praise
The Lord’s great name and with a spirit lowly
I’ll pay all my vows oh Zion fair and holy
Come join with me and bless him all your days

This prince of thine oh Zion fair and holy
Come join with me and bless him all your days

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  1. Margaret Jones

    What a beautiful hymn…great to clarify the lyrics after being truly inspired by your recording of the song. Thank you!

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