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Ready My Heart

steve-bell-the-feast-of-seasons-cover-1995     each-rare-moment

Ready My Heart
Music and Lyric by Lois Shuford

Ready my heart for the birth of Immanuel
Ready my soul for the Prince of Peace
Heap the straw of my life
For His body to lie on
Light the candle of hope
Let the child come in

Alleluia, alleluia
Alleluia, Christ the Saviour is born 

Mine is the home that is poor and is barren
Mine is the stable of cold and stone
Break the light to each corner
Of doubt and of darkness
Now the Word is made flesh
For the birth of me


  1. Karen

    Hi! I really love this song and would love the music for it… any way to get it?

    Sorry Karen – there is no sheet music available for this song that I’m aware of. – Steve

  2. Eric K.

    My church sings this song during Advent each year and I’ve played the music for it. Would you like it?

  3. Debora

    I understand there is no sheet music for Ready My Heart, but is there a music only cd to sing to in church? I would so love to share this plus other songs of yours with my church family. I have some of your CDs, but do I need your permission to use them in church?

    Hi Debora – at this point there are no music only tracks… sorry.

  4. Rathana

    I do the candle lighting advent with this song at my church! It was great and People said its look so lovely

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