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Remember Me

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Remember Me   – Music and Lyric by Steve Bell
adapted from Psalm 25

To You oh Lord do I lift up my soul
You are the only recourse that I know
When shame denies me a place in Your fold
In Your love remember me

Show me a road with respect to the truth
Hold not against me the sins of my youth
There’s no one to turn to if You don’t come through
In Your love remember me

In Your love remember me
In Your love remember me
All because of Your goodness Lord
In Your love remember me

Yahweh confides in the ones who have faith
And shares from the secrets of old so they say
Dare I presume He would treat me this way
In Your love remember me

Show me Your favour Yahweh
Let it never be said that I’ve trusted in vain
It is Your reputation that makes me outrageously brave
Hold out Your mercy to me
Go ahead and correct me for the sake of Your name
It’s not much of a thread but my hoping is keeping me sane

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  1. David Phillips

    Where can I get the guitar chords for this beautiful song – Remember me – Psalm 25

    David, there is a songbook with piano arrangements and guitar chords for the CD that Remember Me is on: Romantics and Mystics. Click HERE to view/purchase the songbook. If you want to try and figure it out on your own, Steve capos his guitar on the third fret and plays in G. Hope this helps. – staff

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