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Stay Awake


Stay Awake – Music and Lyric by Steve Bell 

We’ve been following this course for some time now
There have never been two moments the same
It’s not like we didn’t expect it
But something has changed
There’s an agony in all His expression
There’s an urgency and a dread in His wake
So what’s this density in my head
Somehow I can’t stay awake

There’s a part of me ready now
But mostly I just want to sleep one more hour
And it doesn’t make sense
I intend to defend this man
You all know how I want to help
And I’m trying to see
Is that blood on his brow
This chasm is steep
Yet I’m falling asleep somehow

What is this potion we’ve taken
What sinister magic is this
After all that we’ve seen and forsaken
And we lose by a kiss
All of us thought we were ready
All of us thought we were fit
Not one of us thought it would end
In a slumbering bliss

Trying to be ready
On my feet and steady
Jesus help me stay awake
Could somebody around me
Be poisoning my coffee
Come on give your head a shake
Stay awake