NEW TO THE TABLE… almost always has a subtext of sorrow. Great beauty knows that behind God’s gladsome salvation which promises creation’s liberty, there is the heaviness of sacrifice borne by the One who absorbs our folly so that we may flourish. Beauty knows, in the end, that Love is terribly costly.

FAITH TODAY: Interview with Steve Bell

“Ours is an honourable and indispensable craft, and we need to take it seriously. We need to think deeply, feel deeply and avoid anything that is simplistic and cliché….”

Whatever Happened to Diana Pops?

Over a decade ago a shy, 16 year-old Diana Pops knocked on my manager’s door and handed him a CD with a song she hoped I would listen to…

Contributing Artists / FAST FOR CHANGE Radio Player

The artists listed here are those who have contributed songs to the FAST FOR CHANGE radio player…


When I consider the remarkably rich role that food has played in our lives over the last two weeks glorious weeks (preparing, feasting, laughing, delighting) it tears me apart to see photos like this…

More Concerts for Haiti

This week there are two concerts for Haiti in Ontario involving Signpost Artists (and friends of Signpost) I wanted to alert you to…

New Signpost Website and post-Lollapalooza report

So very pleased to announce a new website for Signpost Music which is the mother company for all things Steve Bell as well as an online distribution outlet for notable artists such as Bob Bennett, Carolyn Arends, Jacob Moon etc.