Feb. 2: Candlemas – The Feast of the Presentation of Jesus

Thoughts and a song for a somewhat subversive feast. – by Steve Bell

Off to the JUNOS!

Friday afternoon Nance and I leave for “the Rock” – St. John’s Newfoundland – to attend this year’s JUNO Awards. For those of you living below the 49th parallel – the JUNOs are Canada’s music industry award much like the Grammy’s are in the States…

California: House Concerts, Mega Churches and Sore Muscles

As I write this, I’m heading south on Hwy 99 from Sacramento en route to Los Angles where I’ll be performing and teaching for the next few days…

Back in the Saddle

I think the last few months are the longest I’ve ever gone without performing  concerts since I started singing full time in the early 90’s. This was deliberate. Dave, my manager, and I are starting to feel our age and the cost of constant output without time to let the well fill up again. And […]

The Water Runs – story

I wrote The Water Runs in 2000 about a year after Nance and I built a home in the country some 10 kms north of Winnipeg in a region of Manitoba known as the Interlake. We had found this wonderfully picturesque 5 acre property that was half wooded and half brush and decided to build […]

Stay Awake

Stay Awake – Music and Lyric by Steve Bell    We’ve been following this course for some time now There have never been two moments the same It’s not like we didn’t expect it But something has changed There’s an agony in all His expression There’s an urgency and a dread in His wake So […]

Psalm 121

Psalm 121 – Music and Lyric by Glen Soderholm   I look unto the hills Where does my help come from From the One who has made Heaven and earth He will not let Let you stumble For He will not sleep He who keeps Israel Will not slumber The Lord is your keeper The […]

Oh Love

Oh Love – Music and Lyric by Steve Bell Hebrews 1 / Psalm 8  You master Started it all Laid the foundation Fashioned the stars But the earth and the sky Will someday wear out Like a worn out old coat But not you, you stay the same Never fade and never changeIt’s true Faster […]

A Sorrow for Connoisseurs

A Sorrow for Connoisseurs Music by Steve Bell / Lyric by Steve Bell and Jamie Howison From the album: Waiting for Aidan Maria I’ll tell you right now My old heart is finished and full This child that you bring That my eyes have seen He’s the glory of Israel He’s gonna tear your heart […]

Diamonds From the Other Side

Diamonds From the Other Side Music by Steve Bell / Lyric by Steve Bell and Carolyn Arends From august shores and summers past Low sun fire on the liquid glass From facets on the surface of the bay Burns the beauty deep inside Returning when I close my eyes To find me when I’m time […]