We Are Waiting…

Advent! A holy season in which we connect again with our “inconsolable longing,” as C.S. Lewis called it – our yearning for the One who is to come and is also, mysteriously, the One who has come already – come as a child, come as fellow-sufferer, come as Saviour, and yet whose coming, already achieved, […]

Pilgrim Year Advent

Introduction to Advent: The 40 Days Before Christmas

Advent simply means,‘to come’ (Latin: advenire, from ad-‘to’ venire-‘come’). Christians have traditionally set aside this liturgical season to anticipate the coming of Christ. Advent is a season of attentive waiting. Of course, as with all waiting comes the inevitable agony of anticipation – so much so that we are inclined to want to do something to make the waiting itself bearable and meaningful. In this regard, Advent is an active season of mindful preparation as well.

Pilgrim Year Badge

Pilgrim Year Introduction

Each Monday, we will be posting an excerpt from Pilgrim Year, my seven book series reflecting on the rich tradition of the Church calendar year. This week’s post is the introduction to the entire series.

Pilgrim Year Box Set

Pilgrim Year: New Steve Bell Book Series is Released

Signpost Music is pleased to announce the release of the Pilgrim Year collection by author and musician Steve Bell. Published by Novalis Press, the collection of books features written reflections on the liturgical year, accompanied by links to the music of this iconic Canadian Christian singer and songwriter.

2018 Fall Concert Line-Up

I have been rather busy with touring, book-writing, preparing to launch a podcast, and developing a two-day retreat I’m offering in several locations this fall. Check out the schedule to see if I have events near you…

Critical Moment for Canadian Indigenous/settler Relations!

This coming  Wednesday, February 7 is critical to Canadian Indigenous/settler relations and will speak volumes about what is true about our collective resolve to move past wounding relationships to mutually flourishing ones. Here’s how your voice can be heard…

LOVE, REMEMBER – New Book from Malcolm Guite

This book is written to give voice both to love and to lamentation, to find expression for grief without losing hope, to help us honour the dead with tears, yet still to glimpse through those tears the light of the resurrection…

WHERE THE GOOD WAY LIES | Reviews and Award Nominations

I hope you don’t mind a bit of shameless self-promotion, but my latest album, Where The Good Way Lies, has recently enjoyed some noteworthy affirmation, that being a great review in Faith Today magazine, and 10 award nominations for the Covenant Awards (Canadian Gospel Music Awards).  —SB       REVIEW | Faith Today Magazine […]

Winnipeggers Rally for Indigenous Rights

On Saturday, September 23, starting at 1 pm, a group of Indigenous peoples and settlers from Winnipeg (Treaty 1 territory) will walk 12 km from Stephen Juba Park to a public gathering at the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation at the University of Manitoba to urge the Canadian government to fully adopt and implement the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People.

Countdown to “Walk the Talk” in Support of Reconciliation Bill C-262 (days 42 & 43 of 46)

Treaties themselves, traditionally understood, are not meant to be cold, legal agreements between competitors in a zero sum game, but rather, they are friendship agreements about how to live together in a good way….