Free Advent Audio Book | by Steve Bell

Advent is Soon Upon Us!

Advent is (among other things) a season to reflect on the rich spiritual metaphor of motherhood, or spousal maternity, which reveals the deepest truth about the human person: that we were created to receive and house heaven in our womb, and bear it forth for the sake of the world.

Pilgrim Year | Advent by Steve Bell

My Pilgrim Year book-series on the spiritual tradition of the Christian calendar year is currently on sale for those who would like some reflections, poems, and songs to guide you through some of the various themes, feasts, and festivals (saints days, etc.) of the tradition.

Below is a free audio version of me reading the first book, Advent, which includes the songs referenced in the readings.

It’s yours to enjoy and share as you wish.

Peace to you and yours,


(Click individual chapters or start at the Intro and let it run)

The complete box set (comes with bonus companion CDs) is available until the end of December for $29.99

To encourage gift-giving, we’re offering free postage on orders of two or more 🙂

Purchase Pilgrim Year Here…

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One thought on “Free Advent Audio Book | by Steve Bell

  1. Thank you, Steve for these Advent messages. Love the words, ‘Christ didn’t come to you but through you.’

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