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The Angel Gabriel


The Angel Gabriel
Music and Lyric by Jim Croegaert
Sony Cross Keys Publishing / Molto Bravo Music

I have not seen the angel Gabriel
Standing at the right side of the altar
Saying that important line of angels
Do not be afraid

I have not heard the angel Gabriel
Telling me my prayer has been answered
That my heart’s desire has been granted
An my wife will bear a son

But I have been answered
And I have been promised
In words that cannot be spoken
And the tender mercies of our God
Has caused the rising son to shine upon us
To guide our feet into the path of peace

I was not there when the angel Gabriel
Visited the village of Nazareth
Home of a young maiden he addressed
As the highly favoured one

I did not hear the angel Gabriel
Promise what could not be imagined
Answered by a faith without fathom
let what you have said be done

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