The Water Runs


The Water Runs – Music and Lyric by Steve Bell

You break from the city in the pouring rain
To settle in the middle of the Interlake
Where the green browns over in the summer sun
But under it all the water runs

As if that’s not enough – summer dies
It all freezes over and you’re buried alive
You gotta admit that you panic some
But under it all the water runs

The water runs
And courses deep
Beneath the imprint of these troubled feet
So much is done to stay the creep
And slay the fear that there’s nothing here
Or underneath

You carefully plan to minimize mistakes
You just get started and you break a leg
It’s not so easy when it’s not much fun
But under it all the water runs

Every single day now
I recall the fright
Sink a hole and pray now
Many times
Many times a night

Peace moon hovers and the forest sleeps
Sitting alone among the rustling leaves
I’ll retire when my pipe is done
Under it all the water runs