Wings of an Eagle

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Wings of an Eagle – Music and Lyric by Steve Bell
Adapted from Isaiah 40:31

As we hope in the Lord
We will gain our strength
We will run for miles
We will stand up straight
We will not grow weary
We will not grow faint
On the wings of an eagle we will rise 

On the wings of an eagle we will rise
On the wings of an eagle we will rise
For our hope is found
In the power of God
On the wings of an eagle we will rise
On the wings of an eagle we will rise 

For the Lord who is God
Takes His people home
Not to be afraid
As we journey the road
Hand in hand we’ll be walking
With the Lord our God
On the wings of an eagle we will rise

8 thoughts on “Wings of an Eagle

  1. What great lyrics, we have sung this song in our church and it is a powerful message, God Bless!

  2. Is the sheet music available for “On the Wings of An Eagle”? How about the new Devotion album?

  3. HI Matthew – the sheet music for Wings is not available, but for the entire Devotion album, just pop the CD into your computer. It’s an enhanced disc and lead sheets for all the songs are on there, as well as some bonus features and what-not.



  4. what a encouragement to wake up to these words singing in my spirit! thank you Steve Bell for your music, for this song that is indeed : “joy for the journey; hope for the trail”

  5. I’m looking for piano accompaniment for “Wings of an Eagle”.
    Thank you for touching my heart with your songs.

    reply: There is only one version that I know and it is from a music book now unavailable. You can call me office and talk to Faye. Perhaps she can make a photo copy. 1.204.774.3715 ~Steve

  6. Hi Guy, Really looking forward to seeing you at St. Thomas Church, St. John’s, newfoundland, Canada. White beard, hopefully front row. Stay Safe. Garry<

  7. I am looking for the sheet music for “On the Wings of and Eagle” for a funeral. Would you know where I can find sheet music?

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