New Song Preview!

Hello everyone,

I’ve just posted three new-ish songs online that you are welcome to listen to and share if you’d like. I assume all three will be on my next album of songs which I hope to begin to record in the early new year.

Songs include:

  1. Wouldn’t You Love to Know? — working title track for the album
  2. In Memoriam — commemorating the passing of my father
  3. Strange Blessing — inspired by a sermon delivered by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Dec. 3, 1938 / Germany (has an Advent theme)

My last album, Where the Good Way Lies, came out in 2016 which makes this the longest period of time for me between albums since Comfort My People was released in 1989.

I’m really looking forward to getting back into the studio. These versions are simple demos and it remains to be seen how we end up adorning them once we get into the studio, but sometimes it’s nice to hear the song pretty much as it was written.

You can listen to the songs online at:

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