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Ride On, King Jesus

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Ride On, King Jesus – Traditional
Verses 1-3 and 6 by Hilda Carper / © 1974 Reba Place Church Inc.
Box 6017, Evanston IL 60204 USA

Ride on King Jesus
No one can a-hinder thee
Ride on King Jesus ride on
No one can a-hinder thee

King Jesus rides to Jerusalem
Hosanna to King David’s son
He rides upon a donkey small
The King of peace the Lord of all

The children sing and they dance and shout
If they won’t praise the rocks cry out
King Jesus done just what He said
He healed the sick and He raised the dead

The light of God shines on His face
He offers all His pardoning grace
Come join the throng your voices raise
The King of love deserves your praise


  1. Stephen Bowie

    Mr. Bell – is this arrangement published? Can it be purchased?

    Thank you.


    Steve – sorry, the arrangement is not published. It was just made up on the spot with a few musicians, but never written down. —SB

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