Easter is the promise of radical renewal by creation's maker. Here are two beautiful Easter poems and a song for Easter morning.

Easter Poems and Songs: Searching for the Light of Easter

“We were sent here to search for the light of Easter in our hearts. And when we find it, we are meant to give it away generously.”

The Feast of the Nativity of John the Baptist – June 24

John’s birth indeed heralded joy. Not only did it alleviate the ‘shame’ of infertility for his aging parents, but it assuaged the fundamental barrenness that was gnawing away at all God’s children…

Easter Sunday: Matter matters

“Redemption doesn’t mean scrapping what’s there and starting over again from a clean slate, but rather liberating what has come to be enslaved.”

Songs For Holy Week

4:06 AM. Since I can’t sleep anyway, I thought I’d put up a few songs you may want to ponder during Holy Week…

A Sonnet And A Song For Easter Dawn

One doesn’t have to believe the Christian narrative to have experienced being blindsided by joy; sudden moments of grace pregnant with meaning. Life matters. Matter matters. Our stories matter….

2009 Christmas Symphony Concerts and Future Plans

I only have a few Symphony concerts this fall but am really looking forward to them. I  do love sitting on a stool by myself and having the freedom to sing whatever comes to mind.  But there is a certain musical experience that is only possible with a larger communion of musicians like a symphony. […]

Keeping Vigil | A Pitiless Universe or a Lover’s World?

My friend Morley is a thoughtful atheist and, I might add, a fine and interesting fellow. He came to a concert of mine a few years ago and that sparked more than one evening of friendly but challenging conversation…

New Signpost Website and post-Lollapalooza report

So very pleased to announce a new website for Signpost Music which is the mother company for all things Steve Bell as well as an online distribution outlet for notable artists such as Bob Bennett, Carolyn Arends, Jacob Moon etc.

CHANGES! by Steve Bell

Changes, coming upon us
It keeps moving, moving around us
Got to keep dancing knowing He loves us
Got to keep joy in our hearts.
– Jim Croegaert

This is the opening stanza of one of my favorite Jim Croegaert songs and a fitting beginning for the launch of this new website and a slightly different focus than I’ve had for the last several years.