LET BEAUTY AWAKE | A son celebrates his father

“Make peace with your powerlessness,” my dad said, realizing my struggles. “You’ll find peace and beauty in your own death if you do…”


“Certainly, as a Christian, I feel no neccesarry affiliation with any one ideology. A healthy theology of “the fall” assures me that politics is pretty much always going to be a broken response to a broken situation—necessary, but broken…”

Sacred Head, Bubble Head and Wounded Body

Brief thoughts about the Easter season, a report on Steve’s repetitive stress injury and a link to our new EASTER RADIO…

Message from David Jennings |IncarNATION Ministries

If you have experienced the Beauty of Steve’s music and want it shared with others who might not otherwise hear it, then we ask you to join Steve in his vocation…

Symphony and Trinity

I never became a Christian because of a convincing argument. The reason is simple…