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Your Sunday Song(s)

Sunday Songs | March 22 | For those shut in or shut out of Worship

Yesterday, I had planned to write a blog for this morning—something encouraging, perhaps reflecting on today’s scripture readings that may help us to cope with the anxiety of these days.

I didn’t however. I woke up too emotionally tired to do much but read and pray. Last week was a lot…for all of us. But the afternoon was sunny, and my wife Nanci had researched a curious historic site on the outskirts of Winnipeg and so we drove out and enjoyed trudging through the snow and discovering something new about our beloved city:

Pilehenge! (WPG) Never heard of it? Neither had we.

But I’m happy to share this:

This past January, I was privileged to be invited to a weekend with Mike Janzen and friends to learn and video several songs from his upcoming Psalms album to be released this fall.

It was a profoundly moving couple of days immersed in the faith and subsequent songs of a man who recently suffered a couple of years of radical isolation as a result of a head injury that caused severe light and sound sensitivity.

For those who don’t know Mike, he has been my piano player on many tours and albums. He is also the fellow that scored the arrangements for my symphony concert and album.

Mike posted the first of the videos a couple of days ago: Abounding In Love (Psalm 86)

We love you Mike! Thanks so much for this. xo

And I’m happy to share this:

In response to the isolation we all must now bear, I’ve launched a weekly live-stream mini-concert (posted to Facebook and YouTube) called Steve Bell: Live From the Vault (the recording studio at my office is accessed through a vault door.)

The following was recorded there on Friday, and I’ll continue to do these each Friday for the next while. Each episode will be short (3-4 songs) and hopefully will serve as a fortifying respite from the anxiety of these days.

This first one includes the songs:

  • Shepherd of Life (Psalm 23)
  • Psalm 90
  • A Heartbeat Away
  • Wings of an Eagle (Isaiah 40:31)

You can watch it live on Fridays at 12:15 on the official Steve Bell FaceBook page at @stevebellmusic or you can wait until it’s posted to YouTube.

Here’s our first episode (roughly 30 mins):

Deep peace friends,

Steve xo


  1. Colleen

    Steve, Thank you. Joy and hope from you to us and from us back to you. I was singing along to all the songs!!!

  2. Gloria Graham

    Thanks for sharing your heart and your beautiful gift of music so needed during these uncertain times!

  3. Don & Jan MacGregor

    Hi Steve! In these difficult times, thanks for sharing your music, your love of the Lord, and reminding us of the hope we have in Jesus! In listening to you and your music, we are lifted up in our spirit, ‘on wings of eagles’ and prompted to remember, “The joy of the Lord is our strength.” Amen! Bless you Brother! Don & Jan ❤

  4. Kathryn A. Kazmaier

    Your voice always speaks to me of the constant love of our
    God and Saviour, your guitar lends wings to those words. Thank you for this balm in our uncertain world!

  5. Stephen Murphy

    thanks for these good words and songs. Love that vault. Mikes story and his song you shared reminded me of the last verses of Psalm 71. In KJV it sounds like 2020 and COVID19 – “…Thou, which hast shewed me great and sore troubles, shalt quicken me again…”

  6. Violet Rademaker

    Steve, Thank you so much for sharing your songs, all my favourite ones. I listened while I was on dialysis and you so encouraged me with being so real. We’ve been self isolating ourselves and it was so good being at a live concert! Thankyou and blessings and love to you . Look forward to the next time.
    Violet Rademaker

  7. Janet Brooks

    Steve, never apologize for the tears you shed in presenting what the Lord has given you. It is very real and gives validation to those of us who express our emotions in a similar way. Bless you and your heart for the Lord and for your people. Looking forward to your new album!

  8. Fran Yeo

    Just listened on youtube–such a blessing. Praise God for the technology, and the ‘techies’ in our lives. I suggest you take the time to watch using closed captions–kind of like ‘auto-correct’ on texting–helpful but often crazy wrong but quite amusing substitutes. Not sure if a human can over-ride the ‘mistakes’–each and every word of your songs is precious–don’t want to miss one of them.
    Fran, Thunder Bay
    PS–the painting is amazing in background. During the ‘you are safe’ song–made me think of Jesus on the stormy sea, reassuring his disciples He was with them/us.

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