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  • Amber Anderson and Steve Bell – Talking and Listening Through Steve’s Newest Album

    Steve sits down with Amber Anderson for a listen through of his latest album, Wouldn’t You Love to Know? Listen in as they discuss each track.

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  • It Takes a Village: On Receiving the Order of Manitoba

    Later this afternoon I’ll be receiving, along with several other Manitobans, the Order Of Manitoba from our province’s Lieutenant Governor, the Honorable Janice Filmon…

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  • Today, my wife Nanci and I received our COVID-19 vaccines. Find out how we're paying it forward in support of global vaccine equity.

    Love My Neighbor: Paying it Forward In Support of Global Vaccine Equity

    I readily confess that I do not entertain the many conspiracy theories currently circulating around the pandemic. Nor do I harbour suspicions about the various vaccines that have been developed…

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  • As we mark Earth Day, it's becoming evident that when humans become detached from their place in creation, the damage can be catastrophic.

    Happy Belated Earth Day! (In Praise of Decay)

    Being “of the earth” is not a hippie-dippie sentiment. It is a literal truth….

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  • FOR THOSE WHO’D LOVE TO KNOW — an in-depth video conversation with Steve Bell about his new album.

    See blog for links to Part 1 and 2 of Steve’s conversation with Amber Anderson about his latest album “Wouldn’t You Love to Know.”

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  • Let Beauty Awake! A (reluctant) song for Easter morning.

    The song was written in November just as a northern prairie winter was starting to settle in; hardly a season (physically or emotionally) for Easter joy. For me, it was a season of terrible sorrow and anxious dread…

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  • The march on Capitol Hill functions as a garish parody of Jesus’ procession into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. My thoughts, and a song of prayer.

    This is Love – Thoughts on the Capitol Hill Riots on this Maundy Thursday

    Steve Bell reflects on his 1996 song, “This is Love” in light of the February 6 march on Capitol Hill. The blog includes a recent performance video of the song:

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  • Joy Surprises! — new blog and video for Palm Sunday

    We’ve up up a new video for my song “Bethany in the Morning” which I hope can be a part of your Holy Week reflections.The song itself, co-written with my daughter-in-law, Diana Pops, was inspired by the events of Palm Sunday and its preceding day, Lazarus Saturday (as it is known in the Christian East.)

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  • High Art Formed in the Crucible of Life: Review by Carolyn Arends

    “‘Wouldn’t You Love to Know’ is a shimmering, pulsating example of the sort of work that can come into being when creative vision, astonishing craft, and emotional power formed in the crucible of life and loss come together…”

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  • A Songwriter’s Suite: A Review of Steve Bell’s “Wouldn’t You Love To Know?”

    “…in praise of an album that belongs in the rare company of Dan Fogelberg’s “The Innocent Age” and Bruce Cockburn’s “Dancing In The Dragon’s Jaws.”

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