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This Is Love

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This Is Love – Music and Lyric by Steve Bell 

Father just before the hour comes

That was set aside to glorify Your Son
With a glory from before the world began
With a glory given to no other man

Protect the ones You’ve given me to love
I so desire that none of them be lost
They’ve yet to understand the mystery
Why the Son of God would wash another’s feet

But this is not the same
It’s a different thing
This is not the same
It’s another thing
All together
This is love
This is love

My prayer is not for only these alone
But for those who follow after they’re gone
May they understand the love You have for me
As the kind of love that changes everything

They argue who will sit next to the throne
And I cringe to here them say Thy Kingdom come
They think they know what they’re getting into
We both know that they haven’t got a clue

But this is not the same

Here’s something that they won’t like
Someone’s coming to take the life
No one has to look farther than me
I am he
Some will trust in the things they think they know
They should think again and let them go
Put away the sword and get behind
And let me die

’cause this is not the same
It’s a different thing
All together
This is not the same
It’s a better thing
All together
This is love
This is love


  1. Annie

    Each time I hear this song, i am deeply moved. Beyond the sum of its lyrics and musical notes, the song is an example of deep speaking to deep… it calls me to consider the mystery of who God is, how broken our world is, and how incomprehensibly God loves and desires us in the middle of it. it draws me to intimacy with jesus. thank you.

  2. Louise

    I heard Steve play at our Christian Community Day in Ottawa this past October and was very impressed with his playing. His songs touched me. My school purchased all of his CDs and I have been going through them all. I love This is Love and plan to teach it to my elementary choir. I hope we do it justice.

  3. Jeremy

    I picked up “Beyond a Shadow” the year it was released. It has been one of my absolute favorite albums ever since. “This is Love” is one of the sweetest, sorrowful, hopeful songs that has ever been written and put to music. As I preach this week on Mark 10:45, I think I will have to use it in the sermon. Thank God for the gift He has given to Steve Bell, and thank you, Steve, for using it faithfully.

  4. Cynthia

    Amazing and anointed song. Every time I play it, I am ministered to by the Lord. This is one of my all-time favorite songs. Thank you Lord for anointing Steve Bell. Please give him more awesome songs like this one.

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