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A Sorrow for Connoisseurs

A Sorrow for Connoisseurs
Music by Steve Bell / Lyric by Steve Bell and Jamie Howison
From the album: Waiting for Aidan

Maria I’ll tell you right now
My old heart is finished and full
This child that you bring
That my eyes have seen
He’s the glory of Israel
He’s gonna tear your heart out
After you’ve loved so well

Love is like a fine wine that you take by the fire
It rolls on the tongue and it gladdens the heart
But what we’ve learned from the reckless
Who can’t get enough
It’s gonna break your heart
You know there’s such a fine line of comfort and pain
Love criss-crosses over it again and again
But your options are loveless so don’t be afraid
Just know before you start
Lady that’s how it works
Love is a sorrow for connoisseurs
You may not believe it right now
I don’t understand it myself
But an old man can make
Mysterious claims
Some things we just know
So we tell
He’s gonna tear your heart out
Even after you’ve loved so well

Oh don’t you get it
I’m trying to explain
Sorrow is not the saddest thing
Don’t be offended
Let it sink in
Sometimes the best is hidden in
This strange, strange cross
Love is gain and love is loss