Hortus Deliciarum, Die Kreuzigung Jesu Christi

Good Friday

“Now is the time to loosen, cast away
The useless weight of everything but love.” -Malcolm Guite

Feet Washing Icon

Holy (Maundy) Thursday: John 13:1-35

“Grace is revealed in suffering, power is displayed through weakness, glory is disguised in humiliation.”

Palm Sunday Icon

Palm Sunday: The Triumphal Entry

As a child, I quietly harboured an uneasy dislike for Palm Sunday…

Raising of Lazarus

Lazarus Saturday

It is poetically poignant that Lazarus Saturday falls on the eve of Palm Sunday…


Lenten Love & Lenten Lands

Troubadour: a lyric poet sent by one (usually of the king’s court) with a message of chaste love to another.

Annunciation Icon

The Feast of the Annunciation

This day has been called the highwater point of the history of salvation…

St Patrick Crop

The Feast of Saint Patrick | The Holy Servant-Boy

It is wonderfully poetic that Patrick first went to Ireland involuntarily as a slave-shepherd, then later returned voluntarily as a servant-shepherd…

St Ephrem the Syrian

Clean Monday | First Day of Lent (Eastern Rite)

For the Eastern Church, Lent begins with Clean Monday…

Ash Wednesday Cross

Ash Wednesday

Once a year, Ash Wednesday and the wider Lenten fast provide the collective opportunity to notice, confess and address our willful opposition to love…

Abba Anthony

The Eminently Convertible Abba Antony

Saint Antony of the Desert is widely considered to be the father of desert monasticism.