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Adoration of the Magi Icon

The Coming of the Magi: Epiphany of Our Lord

News flash! Pagan Princes Discover Jesus through Astrology!

Injury and Opportunity: Looking Behind, Looking Ahead

Recap and report at the dawn of the new year – by Steve Bell

Like Shining from Shook Foil: Introduction to Epiphany

Epiphany lifts our eyes from immediate personal, familial and tribal spheres to demand that we include in our vision “all the ends of the earth” (Psalm 98:3).

Twelve Days of Christmas Poster

The Gifting and the Giver: The 12 Days of Christmas

A few words about the tradition of the twelve days of Christmas.

The Feast of the Holy Innocents December 28

The feast of the Holy Innocents falls on the fourth day of Christmas. Of the four gospels, only the Gospel of Matthew (2:1-18) records this appalling story…

Pilgrim Year Christmas Logo

GLORY! The Feast of the Nativity | December 25

On the Feast of the Nativity, we look into the humble, entirely vulnerable face of the Christ Child and ask how we can possibly perceive the “splendour of the Father, and the figure of his substance.”

Report and Request from Steve Bell / Christmas 2018

Greetings friends and supporters, As 2018 draws to a close I can’t help but take a deep breath to begin the “cool down” from what was a very busy and different year for me. Besides the regular flurry of concerts, 2018 saw the launch of my two-day retreat called For the Journey, which I offered […]

Pilgrim Year Advent

It’s the Fast that Makes the Feast

If we want to prepare our hearts for Jesus’ coming, we must detach ourselves from all the goods of the earth…retire into the interior desert of our heart, far from creatures to await the coming of Jesus in deep recollection, silence, and solitude, insofar as the duties of our state in life permit.  —Father Gabriel […]

Theotokos of Vladimir (c. 1100)

Mary: Ark of the New Covenant

Even in our troubled humanity—within the drama of brokenness, redemption and salvation—we, too, have been invited to take up our role as maternal-spouse of God: to receive, carry and bear forth new life for the sake of the world. Anything less is beneath our dignity…

We Are Waiting…

Advent! A holy season in which we connect again with our “inconsolable longing,” as C.S. Lewis called it – our yearning for the One who is to come and is also, mysteriously, the One who has come already – come as a child, come as fellow-sufferer, come as Saviour, and yet whose coming, already achieved, […]