The Story of a Portrait

The pose I selected for this portrait reflects a somber mood—perhaps uncharacteristic of how we visualize Steve….

Psalm 23 is one of the most well-known of all the psalms. For all its prettiness, however, the psalm has a quality of resilient, rugged faith.

Good Shepherd Sunday: A Good Word from an Old Sheep

Without a question, Psalm 23 is one of the most well-known and highly sentimentalized of all the psalms. For all its pastoral prettiness, however, the psalm has a quality of resilient, almost rugged faith…

For the Journey : A song and a prayer

These words of Jesus are not a pain-masking opioid, they are Eastering words spoken by one well acquainted with grief. And so I take up those words and offer this prayer:

Easter is the promise of radical renewal by creation's maker. Here are two beautiful Easter poems and a song for Easter morning.

Easter Poems and Songs: Searching for the Light of Easter

“We were sent here to search for the light of Easter in our hearts. And when we find it, we are meant to give it away generously.”

Favourite things, poems and songs for Good Friday

The biblical tradition cannot be easily understood looking from the top-down as most of the scriptures were written by oppressed peoples throughout history…

Thoughts and Songs for Palm Sunday 2020

The unique glory of this sovereign is not in the display of splendour and power common to Pharaohs, Emperors, Presidents and the like, but rather in the unlikely display of radical humility, solidarity and compassion with the marginalized and miserable….


Each Sunday I’ll try to post a song or two for those who are shut-in and shut out of church. – SB Yesterday was such a lovely day here in Manitoba. The sun was out and water from the snow’s melt was flowing everywhere. Nance and I decided to take a drive in the country […]

Your Sunday Song(s)

Sunday Songs | March 22 | For those shut in or shut out of Worship

The Water Runs: Reliving stories from the Old and New Testament that revolve around the relationship between water and thirst.

The Water Runs: A Reflection and Song

A reflection and a song based on Sunday’s lectionary readings for March 15. Offered to those shut in or shut out of Church on account of the coronavirus.

New Album / Podcast / Interview / An initial word about Jean Vanier

Yesterday, after a week of prep, we finally pressed the record button on my new album…